H8631 תּקף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

te qêph
(Chaldee), corresponding to H8630; to become (causatively make) mighty or (figuratively) obstinate

KJV Usage: make firm, harden, be (-come) strong.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to grow strong, be hardened
a. (P'al)
1. to grow strong, be hardened
2. to grow arrogant (fig)
b. (Pael) to make strong, make firm, make stringent
Origin: corresponding to H8630
TWOT: 3065
Parts of Speech: Verb

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5 occurrences of H8631 תּקף

Daniel 4:11 and was strong,
Daniel 4:20 and was strong,
Daniel 4:22 and become strong:
Daniel 5:20 hardened
Daniel 6:7 and to make a firm

Distinct usage

2 and was strong,
1 and become strong:
1 hardened
1 and to make a firm

Corresponding Greek Words

teqeph G2480 ischuo
teqeph G2901 krataioo
teqeph pa. G1765 en ischuo