H8457 תּזנת תּזנוּת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

תּזנת תּזנוּת
taznûth taznûth
taz-nooth', taz-nooth'
From H2181; harlotry, that is, (figuratively) idolatry

KJV Usage: fornication, whoredom.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


תּזנת תּזנוּת

1. fornication, harlotry
Origin: from H2181
TWOT: 563c
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) fornication, harlotry

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20 occurrences of H8457 תּזנת תּזנוּת

Ezekiel 16:15 thy harlotries
Ezekiel 16:20 Is this of thy harlotries
Ezekiel 16:22 and thy harlotries
Ezekiel 16:25 thy harlotries.
Ezekiel 16:26 thy harlotry,
Ezekiel 16:29 thy harlotry
Ezekiel 16:33 for thy harlotry.
Ezekiel 16:34 in thine harlotries,
Ezekiel 16:36 through thy harlotries
Ezekiel 23:7 her harlotries
Ezekiel 23:8 she her harlotries
Ezekiel 23:8 their harlotry
Ezekiel 23:11 than she, and in her harlotries
Ezekiel 23:14 her harlotries:
Ezekiel 23:17 her with their harlotry,
Ezekiel 23:18 her harlotries,
Ezekiel 23:19 her harlotries,
Ezekiel 23:29 and thy harlotries.
Ezekiel 23:35 and thy harlotries.
Ezekiel 23:43 harlotries

Distinct usage

2 her harlotries,
2 and thy harlotries.
1 thy harlotries
1 Is this of thy harlotries
1 and thy harlotries
1 thy harlotry,
1 thy harlotry
1 for thy harlotry.
1 her harlotries
1 harlotries
1 in thine harlotries,
1 thy harlotries.
1 than she, and in her harlotries
1 her harlotries:
1 her with their harlotry,
1 she her harlotries
1 their harlotry
1 through thy harlotries

Corresponding Greek Words

taznut G2041 ergon
taznut G4202 porneia

Related words


H2181 זנה zânâh

A primitive root (highly fed and therefore wanton); to commit adultery (usually of the female, and less often of simple forniciation, rarely of involuntary ravishment); figuratively to commit idolatry (the Jewish people being regarded as the spouse of Jehovah)

KJV Usage: (cause to) commit fornication, X continually, X great, (be an, play the) harlot, (cause to be, play the) whore, (commit, fall to) whoredom, (cause to) go a-whoring, whorish.

H2183 זנוּן zânûn
From H2181; adultery; figuratively idolatry

KJV Usage: whoredom.

H2184 זנוּת ze nûth
ze nûth
From H2181; adultery, that is, (figuratively) infidelity, idolatry

KJV Usage: whoredom.

H2185 זנות zônôth
Regarded by some as if from H2109 or an unused root, and applied to military equipments; but evidently the feminine plural active participle of H2181; harlots

KJV Usage: armour.