H7434 רמת המּצפּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רמת המּצפּה
râmath hammitspeh
raw-math' ham-mits-peh'
From H7413 and H4707 with the article interposed; height of the watch tower; Ramath ham Mitspeh, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramath-mizpeh.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

רמת המּצפּה
Ramath-mizpeh = "high place of the watch tower"
1. a place in Gilead on the northern border of Gad
Origin: from H7413 and H4707 with the article interpolated
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Location

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One occurence of H7434 רמת המּצפּה

Joshua 13:26 to Ramathmizpeh,

Distinct usage

1 to Ramathmizpeh,