H7285 רגשׁה רגשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רגשׁה רגשׁ
regesh rigshâh
reh'-ghesh, rig-shaw'
From H7283; a tumultuous crowd

KJV Usage: company, insurrection.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

רגשׁה רגשׁ
n m
1. throng, in company n f
2. throng
3. (TWOT) scheming
Origin: from H7283
TWOT: 2119a,2119b
Parts of Speech:

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2 occurrences of H7285 רגשׁה רגשׁ

Psalms 55:14 in company.
Psalms 64:2 from the insurrection

Distinct usage

1 in company.
1 from the insurrection

Corresponding Greek Words

rigshah G4128 plethos

Related words

H7285 רגשׁה רגשׁ

H7283 רגשׁ râgash

A primitive root; to be tumultuous

KJV Usage: rage.

H7284 רגשׁ re gash
re gash
(Chaldee); corresponding to H7283; to gather tumultuously

KJV Usage: assemble (together).