H6194 ערמה ערם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ערמה ערם
‛ârêm ‛ărêmâh
aw-rame', ar-ay-maw'
From H6192; a heap; specifically a sheaf

KJV Usage: heap (of corn), sheaf.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


ערמה ערם

1. heap, pile
Origin: from H6192
TWOT: 1696a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) heap, pile

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10 occurrences of H6194 ערמה ערם

Ruth 3:7 of the heap of grain:
2 Chronicles 31:6 them by heaps.
2 Chronicles 31:7 of the heaps,
2 Chronicles 31:8 the heaps,
2 Chronicles 31:9 concerning the heaps.
Nehemiah 4:2 out of the heaps
Nehemiah 13:15 sheaves,
Song of Songs 7:2 is like an heap
Jeremiah 50:26 as heaps,
Haggai 2:16 to an heap

Distinct usage

1 of the heap of grain:
1 of the heaps,
1 the heaps,
1 concerning the heaps.
1 is like an heap
1 to an heap
1 as heaps,
1 out of the heaps
1 sheaves,
1 them by heaps.

Corresponding Greek Words

aremah G2310 themelios

Related words


H6192 ערם ‛âram

A primitive root; to pile up

KJV Usage: gather together.