H5896 עירא - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H5782; wakefulness; Ira, the name of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Ira.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

Ira = "watchful of a city"
1. the Jairite, one of David's great officers
2. one of David's mighty warriors
3. a Tekoite, son of Ikkesh, and another of David's mighty warriors
Origin: from H5782
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

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6 occurrences of H5896 עירא

2 Samuel 20:26
2 Samuel 23:26
2 Samuel 23:38
1 Chronicles 11:28
1 Chronicles 11:40
1 Chronicles 27:9