H47 אבּיר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

For H46

KJV Usage: angel, bull, chiefest, mighty (one), stout [-hearted], strong (one), valiant.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. mighty, valiant
a. of men
b. of angels
c. of animals
d. (metaph)
1. of enemies
2. of princes
3. of sacrificial objects
e. obstinate (fig.)
Origin: for H46
TWOT: 13d
Parts of Speech: Adjective Masculine

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17 occurrences of H47 אבּיר

Judges 5:22
1 Samuel 21:7
Job 24:22
Job 34:20
Psalms 22:12
Psalms 50:13
Psalms 68:30
Psalms 76:5
Psalms 78:25
Isaiah 10:13
Isaiah 34:7
Isaiah 46:12
Jeremiah 8:16
Jeremiah 46:15
Jeremiah 47:3
Jeremiah 50:11
Lamentations 1:15

Corresponding Greek Words

avir G102 adunatos
avir G1413 dunastes
avir G2316 theos
avir G2479 ischus
avir G2480 ischuo