Nahum 1:12 Cross References - Wycliffe

12 The Lord seith these thingis, If thei schulen be parfit, and so manye, and thus thei shulen be clippid, and it schal passe bi. I turmentide thee, and Y schal no more turmente thee.

Exodus 12:12

12 And Y schal passe thorou the lond of Egipt in that niyt, and Y schal smyte al the firste gendrid thing in the lond of Egipt, fro man til to beeste; and Y the Lord schal make domes in alle the goddis of Egipt.

2 Kings 19:35

35 Therfor it was don, in that niyt the aungel of the Lord cam, and smoot in the castels of Assiryens an hundrid foure score and fyue thousynde. And whanne Sennacherib hadde rise eerli, he siy alle bodies of deed men; and he departide, and yede awei.

2 Kings 19:37

37 And whanne he worschipide in the temple Nestrach his god, Adramelech and Sirasar, his sones, killide hym with swerd; and thei fledden in to the lond of Armenyes; and Asaradon, his sone, regnyde for hym.

Isaiah 7:20

20 And in that dai the Lord schal schaue with a scharp rasour in these men, that ben biyendis the flood, in the kyng of Assiriens, the heed, and heeris of the feet, and al the beerd.

Isaiah 8:8

8 And he schal go flowynge bi Juda, and he schal passe til to the necke, and schal come; and the spredyng forth of hise wyngis schal be, and schal fille the breede of thi lond, thou Emanuel.

Isaiah 10:32-34

32 Yit it is dai, that me stonde in Nobe; he schal dryue his hond on the hil of the douyter of Syon, on the litil hil of Jerusalem. 33 Lo! the lordli gouernour, the Lord of oostis, schal breke a potel in drede, and hiy men of stature schulen be kit doun. 34 And proude men schulen be maade low, and the thicke thingis of the forest schulen be distried bi irun; and the Liban with hiy thingis schal falle doun.

Isaiah 14:24-27

24 The Lord of oostis swoor, seiynge, Whether it schal not be so, as Y gesside, and it schal bifalle so, as Y tretide in soule? 25 That Y al to-breke the kyng of Assiriens in my lond, and that Y defoule hym in myn hillis; and his yok schal be takun awei fro hem, and his birthun schal be takun awei fro the schuldur of hem. 26 This is the councel which Y thouyte on al the lond, and this is the hond stretchid forth on alle folkis. 27 For whi the Lord of oostis hath demed, and who mai make vnstidfaste? and his hond is stretchid forth, and who schal turne it awei?

Isaiah 17:14

14 In the time of euentide, and lo! disturbling; in the morewtid, and he schal not abide. This is the part of hem that destrieden vs, and the part of hem that rauyschiden vs.

Isaiah 30:19

19 Forsothe the puple of Sion schal dwelle in Jerusalem; thou wepynge schal not wepe, he doynge merci schal haue merci on thee; at the vois of thi cry, anoon as he herith, he schal answere to thee.

Isaiah 30:28-33

28 His spirit is as a stef streem, flowynge `til to the myddis of the necke, to leese folkis in to nouyt, and the bridil of errour, that was in the chekis of puplis. 29 Song schal be to you, as the vois of an halewid solempnyte; and gladnesse of herte, as he that goth with a pipe, for to entre in to the hil of the Lord, to the stronge of Israel. 30 And the Lord schal make herd the glorie of his vois, and he schal schewe the ferdfulnesse of his arm in manassyng of strong veniaunce, and in flawme of fier brennynge; he schal hurtle doun in whirlewynd, and in stoon of hail. 31 For whi Assur smytun with a yerde schal drede of the vois of the Lord; 32 and the passyng of the yerd schal be foundid, which yerde the Lord schal make for to reste on hym. In tympans, and harpis, and in souereyn batels he schal ouercome hem. 33 For whi Tophet, that is, helle, deep and alargid, is maad redi of the kyng fro yistirdai; the nurschyngis therof ben fier and many trees; the blast of the Lord as a streem of brymstoon kyndlith it.

Isaiah 31:8

8 And Assur schal falle bi swerd, not of man, and a swerd, not of man, schal deuoure hym; and he schal fle, not fro the face of swerd, and hise yonge men schulen be tributaries;

Isaiah 37:36

36 Forsothe the aungel of the Lord yede out, and killide an hundride thousynde and fourscoor and fyue thousynde in the tentis of Assiriens; and thei risen eerli, and lo! alle men weren careyns of deed men.

Isaiah 51:22

22 Thi lordli gouernour, the Lord, and thi God, that fauyt for his puple, seith these thingis, Lo! Y haue take fro thyn hond the cuppe of sleep, the botme of the cuppe of myn indignacioun; Y schal not leie to, that thou drynke it ony more.

Isaiah 60:18-20

18 Wickidnesse schal no more be herd in thi lond, nether distriyng and defoulyng in thi coostis; and helthe schal ocupie thi wallis, and heriyng schal ocupie thi yatis. 19 The sunne schal no more be to thee for to schyne bi dai, nether the briytnesse of the moone schal liytne thee; but the Lord schal be in to euerlastynge liyt to thee, and thi God schal be in to thi glorie. 20 Thi sunne schal no more go doun, and thi moone schal not be decreessid; for the Lord schal be in to euerlastynge liyt to thee, and the daies of thi mourenyng schulen be fillid.

Lamentations 3:31-32

31 Caph. For the Lord schal not putte awei with outen ende. 32 Caph. For if he castide awei, and he schal do merci bi the multitude of hise mercies.

Daniel 11:10

10 Forsothe the sones of hym schulen be stirid to wraththe, and thei schulen gadere togidere a multitude of ful many coostis. And he schal come hastynge and flowynge, and he schal turne ayen, and schal be stirid, and schal bigynne batel with his strengthe.

Joel 2:19

19 And the Lord answeride, and seide to his puple, Lo! Y schal sende to you wheete, and wyn, and oile, and ye schulen be fillid with tho; and Y schal no more yyue you schenschipe among hethene men.

Nahum 1:15

15 Lo! on hillis the feet of the euangelisynge and tellynge pees. Juda, halewe thou thi feeste daies, and yelde thi vowis, for whi Belial schal no more put to, that he passe forth in thee; al Belial perischide.

Revelation 7:16

16 Thei schulen no more hungur, nether thirste, nether sunne schal falle on hem, ne ony heete.

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