Genesis 13:18 Cross References - Great

18 And Abram takynge downe hys tente, came and dwelled in the okegroue of Mamre, namely in Ebron, and buylded there an alter vnto the Lorde.

Genesis 8:20

20 And Noah buylded an altare vnto the lorde, and toke of euery cleane beast, and of euery cleane foule, & offred sacrifyces in the altare.

Genesis 12:7-8

7 And the Lorde apearynge vnto Abram: sayd: Unto thy sede wyll I geue this londe. And there buylded he an altare vnto the lorde, euen where he had appeared vnto hym. 8 And remouynge thence vnto a mountayne that was eastwarde from bethel, he pitched his tent, hauynge Bethel on the west syde, & Hai on the east. And he buyldynge an altare vnto the Lorde, dyd call on the name of the Lorde.

Genesis 13:4

4 Euen vnto the place of the altare which he had made there at the fyrst, and there Abram called on the name of the Lorde.

Genesis 14:13

13 And there came one that had escaped, and tolde Abram the Hebrewe whiche dwelled in the okegroue of Mamre the Amoryte, brother of Eschol, and brother of Aner, which were confederate wt Abram.

Genesis 18:1

1 And the Lorde apeared vnto hym in the playne of Mamre and he sat in his tent dore in the heate of the daye.

Genesis 23:2

2 & Sara dyed in kyriat Arba. The same is Hebron in the lande of Canaan. And Abraham came to morne Sara, and to wepe for her.

Genesis 35:27

27 And so Iacob came vnto Isahar hys father to Mamre vnto kyriath Arba which is Hebron: where Abraham & Isahac soiourned as straungers.

Genesis 37:14

14 And he sayde vnto him: goo and see whether it be well with thy brethren and the shepe, and brynge me worde agayne. And so he sent him out of the vale of Hebron and he went to Sichem.

Numbers 13:22

22 & they ascended vnto the south, and came vnto Hebron, where Ahiman was & Sesai & Thalmani, the sonnes of Enack. Hebron was buylt seuen yere before Zoan in Egipt.

Joshua 14:13

13 And Iosua blessed him, & gaue vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune, Hebron to enheret.

Psalms 16:8

8 I wyll thanke the Lorde for geuynge me warnynge: my reynes also chasten me in the nyght season.

1 Timothy 2:8

8 I wyll therfore that the men praye euery where, lyftynge vp pure handes without wrath, or doubtinge.

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