Genesis 30:4 Cross References - ECB

4 And she gives him Bilhah her maid to woman: and Yaaqov goes in to her:

Genesis 16:3-4

3 and Saray the woman of Abram takes her maid, Hagar the Misrayim, at the end of ten years of Abram settling in the land of Kenaan and gives her to her man Abram to be his woman. 4 And he goes in to Hagar and she conceives: and when she sees that she conceives, she abases her lady in her eyes.

Genesis 21:10

10 and she says to Abraham, Expel this maid and her son: for the son of this maid supersedes not my son - with Yischaq.

Genesis 22:24

24 And his concubine whose name is Reumah - she also births Tebach and Gacham and Thachash and Maachah.

Genesis 25:1

And Abraham adds to take a woman; and her name is Qeturah:

Genesis 25:6

6 And to the sons of the concubines Abraham has, Abraham gives gifts and sends them away from Yischaq his son while he yet lives eastward, to the east country.

Genesis 33:2

2 and he puts the maids and their children first and Leah and her children after and Rachel and Yoseph behind.

Genesis 35:22

22 and so be it, as Yisra El tabernacles in that land, Reu Ben goes and lies with Bilhah the concubine of his father: and Yisra El hears it.
And the sons of Yaaqov are twelve:

2 Samuel 12:11

11 Thus says Yah Veh, Behold, I raise evil against you from your own house and I take your women in front of your eyes and give them to your friend: to lie down with your women in the eyes of this sun.

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