Mark 16:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 And they wente forth in all the haist, and fled from the sepulcre: for there was a tremblynge & feare come vpon them, nether sayde they eny thinge to eny man, for they were afrayed.

2 Kings 4:29

29 He sayde vnto Gehasi: Girde vp thy loynes, and take my staffe in thy hande, and go thy waye. Yf eny man mete the, salute him not: and yf eny man salute the, thanke him not, and laye thou my staffe vpon ye childes face.

Matthew 28:8

8 And they departed from the graue in all the haist with feare and greate ioye, & ranne to brige his disciples worde.

Mark 16:5-6

5 And they wente in to the sepulcre, and on the right hande they sawe a yonge man syttinge, which had a longe whyte garmet vpon him, and they were abasshed. 6 But he sayde vnto the: Be not ye afrayed, ye seke Iesus of Nazareth which was crucified: he is rysen, he is not here. Beholde, ye place, where they layed him.

Luke 10:4

4 Beare nether wallet, ner scryppe, ner shues, and salute no ma by the waye.

Luke 24:9-11

9 and wente from the sepulcre, and tolde all this vnto the eleuen, and to all the other. 10 It was Mary Magdalene, and Iohanna, and Mary Iames, and the other with them, that tolde this vnto the Apostles. 11 And theyr wordes semed vnto them, as though they had bene but fables, and they beleued them not.

Luke 24:22-24

22 Yee & certayne wemen also of oure company which were early at the Sepulcre, 23 and founde not his body, came and tolde, that they had sene a visio of angels, which sayde he was alyue. 24 And certayne of them that were with vs, wente vnto the sepulcre, and founde it euen so as ye weme sayde, but hi founde they not.

Luke 24:37

37 But they were abashed and afrayed, supposinge that they had sene a sprete.

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