Isaiah 65:7 Cross References - Coverdale

7 I meane youre mysdedes, and the mysdedes of youre fathers together (saieth the LORDE) which haue made their smokes vpon the mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hilles: therfore will I measure their olde dedes in to their bosome agayne.

Exodus 20:5

5 Worshipe them not, and serue them not: for I the LORDE thy God am a gelouse God, vysitinge ye synne of the fathers vpon the children, vnto ye thirde and fourth generacion, of them that hate me:

Leviticus 26:39

39 And they that are left of you, shall pyne awaye in their mysdede, euen in the enemies londe, and in the mysdedes of their fathers shall they consume awaye.

Numbers 32:14

14 And beholde, ye are rysen vp in youre fathers steade, to increase the nombre of synfull men, & to augmente yet the wrath & indignacion of the LORDE agaynst Israel.

1 Kings 22:43

43 and he walked in all the waye of his father Asa, & departed not there from And he dyd that which was right in ye sighte of the LORDE, yet put he not awaye ye hie places, and ye people offred and brent incese yet vpon the hye places,

2 Kings 12:3

3 But they put not downe ye hye places: for the people offred & brent incense yet vpon the hye places.

2 Kings 14:4

4 for ye hye places were not put downe, but the people offred and brent incese yet vpon the hye places.

2 Kings 15:35

35 sauynge that he put not downe the hye places: for the people offred & brent incense yet vpon the hye places. He buylded the hye porte of the house of the LORDE.

2 Kings 16:4

4 And he dyd sacrifice, and brent incense vpon the hye places, & vpon all hilles, and amonge all grene trees.

Psalms 106:6-7

6 We haue synned with oure fathers, we haue done amysse, we haue dealt wickedly. 7 Oure fathers regarded not thy wonders in Egipte, they kepte not thy greate goodnesse in remebraunce: but were dishobediet at the see, eue at the reed see.

Isaiah 22:14

14 Neuertheles whe the LORDE of hoostes herde of it, he sayde: yee, yf this wickednes of yours shalbe remitted, ye must die for it. This hath ye LORDE God of hoostes spoken.

Isaiah 57:7

7 Thou hast made thy bed vpon hie mountaynes, thou wentest vp thither, and there hast thou slayne sacrifices.

Isaiah 65:6

6 Beholde, it is written before my face, & shal not be forgotten, but recopensed. I shal rewarde it them in to their bosome:

Jeremiah 5:9

9 Shulde I not correcke this, saieth the LORDE? Shulde I not be avenged of euery people, that is like vnto this?

Jeremiah 5:29

29 Shulde I not punysh these thinges, saieth the LORDE? Shulde I not be avenged of all soch people, as these be?

Jeremiah 7:19-20

19 How be it they hurte not me (saieth the LORDE) but rather confounde, and shame them selues. 20 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: beholde, my wrath and my indignacion shalbe poured out vpon this place, vpon men and catell, vpo the trees in the felde and all frute of the londe, & it shal burne so, that no man maye quench it.

Jeremiah 13:25

25 This shal be youre porcion, and the porcion of youre measure, wher with ye shalbe rewarded of me, saieth the LORDE: because ye haue forgotten me, and put youre trust in disceatful thinges.

Ezekiel 18:6

6 (he eateth not vpon the hilles: he lifteth not his eyes vp to the Idols of Israel: he defyleth not his neghbours wife: he medleth wt no menstruous woman:

Ezekiel 20:27-28

27 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) tell the house of Israel, thus saieth the LORDE God: Besyde all this, youre forefathers haue yet blasphemed me more, and greatly offended agaynst me: 28 For after I had brought them in to the londe, yt I promysed to geue them, when they sawe euery hie hill & all the thicke trees: they made there their offringes, and prouoked me with their oblacions, makinge swete sauoures there, & poured out their drinkeofferinges.

Daniel 9:8

8 Yee o LORDE, vnto vs, to oure kinges & prynces, to oure forefathers: euen to vs all, that haue offended the, belongeth open shame.

Matthew 23:31-36

31 Therfore ye be wytnesses vnto youre selues, that ye are the children of them, which slew the prophetes. 32 Go to, fulfyll ye also the measure of youre fathers. 33 O ye serpentes, O ye generacion of vypers, how wyl ye escape the damnacion of Hell? 34 Therfore beholde, I sende vnto you prophetes and wysemen, and scrybes, and some of them shal ye kyll and crucifye, and some of them shal ye scourge in youre synagoges, and persecute them from cite to cite: 35 that vpon you maye come all the righteous bloude which hath bene shed vpon ye earth, from the bloude of righteous Abel, vnto ye bloude of Zachary ye sonne of Barachias, whom ye slew betwene the temple and the altare. 36 Verely I saye vnto you: All these thinges shal light vpo this generacion.

1 Thessalonians 2:16

16 forbyddinge vs to speake vnto the Heythen that they mighte be saued, to fulfill their synnes allwaye: for the wrath is come vpon them allready vnto ye vttemost.

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