Genesis 40:6 Cross References - CLV

6 And coming to them is Joseph in the morning, and he is seeing them. And, behold! They are turbulent!"

Genesis 40:8

8 And saying are they to him, "A dream we dream, and there is no interpreting of it.And saying is Joseph to them, "Do not interpretations belong to the Elohim? Relate them, pray, to me.

Genesis 41:8

8 And coming is it in the morning that agitated is his spirit, and sending is he and calling all the sacred scribes of Egypt and all the wise men. And relating is Pharaoh to them his dream. Yet no one is there to interpret it for Pharaoh.

Daniel 2:1-3

1 In the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom, Nebuchadnezzar dreams dreams; agitated is his spirit and his sleep is fleeing from him." 2 Saying is the king to call the sacred scribes and the magi and the enchanters and the Chaldeans to tell the king his dreams. Then they are coming and standing before the king. 3 Saying is the king to them, "A dream I dream, and agitated is my spirit to know the dream."

Daniel 4:5

5 A dream I perceived and it is terrifying me, and portents on my bed, even the visions of my head are flustering me."

Daniel 5:6

6 Then the king's mien alters and his ruminations are flustering him; the ligaments of his loins loosen up, and his knees are knocking one against the other."

Daniel 7:28

28 Furthermore, as this is the termination of the matter, I, Daniel--my ruminations are greatly flustering me, my aspect is altering on me, and I leave the matter in the custody of my heart."

Daniel 8:27

27 When I, Daniel, come to, I am ailing for many days. Then I am rising and doing my work for the king. I am still desolated by the sight, and there is no one who understands."

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