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Genesis 24:60 of millions, H7233
Leviticus 26:8 of you shall put ten thousand H7233
Numbers 10:36 to the many H7233
Deuteronomy 32:30 put ten H7233
Deuteronomy 33:2 with ten thousands H7233
Deuteronomy 33:17 and they are the ten thousands H7233
Judges 20:10 out of ten thousand, H7233
1 Samuel 18:7 his ten thousands. H7233
1 Samuel 18:8 ten thousands, H7233
1 Samuel 21:11 his ten thousands? H7233
1 Samuel 29:5 his ten thousands? H7233
Psalms 3:6 of ten thousands H7233
Psalms 91:7 and ten thousand H7233
Song of Songs 5:10 among ten thousand. H7233
Ezekiel 16:7 thee to multiply H7233
Micah 6:7 or with ten thousands H7233

Distinct usage

2 his ten thousands?
1 of millions,
1 to the many
1 put ten
1 with ten thousands
1 and they are the ten thousands
1 out of ten thousand,
1 his ten thousands.
1 ten thousands,
1 of ten thousands
1 and ten thousand
1 among ten thousand.
1 thee to multiply
1 or with ten thousands
1 of you shall put ten thousand