Sincere - Berry's New Testament Synonyms


ἁπλοῦς, ἀκέραιος, ἄκακος, ἄδολος.

ἁπλοῦς is literally spread out without folds, and hence means single, simple, without complexity of character and motive. In the N.T. this idea of simplicity is always favorable; in classical Greek the word is also occasionally used in an unfavorable sense, denoting foolish simplicity. ἀκέραιος also means simple, literally free from any foreign admixture, unadulterated, free from disturbing elements. ἄκακος in Heb. vii. 26 means one in whom exists absence of all evil, and so by implication the presence of all good. It passes also through the merely negative meaning of absence of evil, found in S., to the unfavorable meaning of simple, easily deceived, credulous, which is found in Ro. xvi. 18. ἄδολος, occurring only in I Pet. ii. 2, means sincere, unmixed, without guile.