1 Corinthians 9:12

  12 G1487 COND ει G243 A-NPM αλλοι G3588 T-GSF της G1849 N-GSF εξουσιας G5216 P-2GP υμων G3348 (G5719) V-PAI-3P μετεχουσιν G3756 PRT-N ου G3123 ADV μαλλον G2249 P-1NP ημεις G235 CONJ αλλ G3756 PRT-N ουκ G5530 (G5662) V-ADI-1P εχρησαμεθα G3588 T-DSF τη G1849 N-DSF εξουσια G3778 D-DSF ταυτη G235 CONJ αλλα G3956 A-APN παντα G4722 (G5719) V-PAI-1P στεγομεν G2443 CONJ ινα G3361 PRT-N μη G1464 N-ASF εγκοπην G5100 X-ASF τινα G1325 (G5632) V-2AAS-1P δωμεν G3588 T-DSN τω G2098 N-DSN ευαγγελιω G3588 T-GSM του G5547 N-GSM χριστου
ERV(i) 12 If others partake of [this] right over you, do not we yet more? Nevertheless we did not use this right; but we bear all things, that we may cause no hindrance to the gospel of Christ.