Wisdom of Solomon 11

Geneva(i) 1 She prospered their workes in the hands of thine holy Prophet. 2 They went through the wildernes that was not inhabited, and pitched their tentes in places where there lay no way. 3 They stoode against their enemies, and were auenged of their aduersaries. 4 When they were thirstie, they called vpon thee, & water was giuen them out of the hie rocke, and their thirst was quenched out of ye hard stone. 5 For by the thinges whereby their enemies were punished, by the same were the Israelites helped in their neede. 6 For in steade of a fountaine of running water, the enemies were troubled at the corrupt blood, which was to rebuke the commandement of the killing of the children, but thou gauest vnto thine owne abundance of water vnlooked for, 7 Declaring by the thirst that was at that time how thou haddest punished thine aduersaries. 8 For when they were tried and chastised with mercy, they knewe howe the vngodly were iudged and punished in wrath. 9 For these hast thou exhorted as a father, and proued them: but thou hast condemned ye other as a righteous King, when thou didst examine them. 10 Whether they were absent or present, their punishment was alike: for their griefe was double with mourning, & the remembrance of things past. 11 For when they perceiued that through their torments good came vnto them, they felt the Lord. 12 And seeing the things that came to passe, at the last they wondered at him, whom afore they had cast out, denyed and derided: for they had an other thirst then the iust. 13 Because of the foolish deuices of their wickednes wherewith they were deceiued, & worshipped serpents, that had not the vse of reason, and vile beasts, thou sendedst a multitude of vnreasonable beasts vpon them for a vengeance, that they might know, that wherewith a man sinneth, by the same also shall he be punished. 14 For vnto thine almightie hande, that made the world of naught, it was not vnpossible to send among them a multitude of beares, or fierce lyons, 15 Or furious beasts newly created, & vnknowen which should breathe out blastes of fire, & cast out smoke as a tempest, or shoote horrible sparkes like lightnings out of their eyes. 16 Which might not onely destroy them with hurting, but also kill them with their horrible sight. 17 Yea, without these might they haue bene cast downe with one winde, being persecuted by thy vengeance, and scattered abroad through the power of thy Spirite: but thou hast ordered all things in measure, number and weight. 18 For thou hast euer had great strength and might, and who can withstande the power of thine arme! 19 For as the small thing that ye balances weigheth, so is the world before thee, and as a drop of the morning dewe, that falleth downe vpon the earth. 20 But thou hast mercie vpon all for thou hast power of al things, & makest as though thou sawest not the sinnes of men, because they should amend. 21 For thou louest all things that are, & hatest none of them whome thou hast made: for thou wouldest haue created nothing that thou hadst hated. 22 And how might any thing endure, if it were not thy will? or how could any thing be preserued, except it were called of thee? 23 But thou sparest all: for they are thine, O Lord, which art the louer of soules.
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