Ungodliness, Ungodly - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Ungodliness, Ungodly

[ 1,,G763, asebeia ]
impiety, ungodliness," is used of
(a) general impiety, Romans 1:18; Romans 11:26; 2 Timothy 2:16; Titus 2:12;
(b) "ungodly" deeds, Jude 1:15, RV, "works of ungodliness;"
(c) of lusts or desires after evil things, Jude 1:18. It is the opposite of eusebeia, "godliness."

Note: Anomia is disregard for, or defiance of, God's laws; asebeia is the same attitude towards God's Person.

[ A-1,Adjective,G765, asebes ]
"impious, ungodly" (akin to A), "without reverence for God," not merely irreligious, but acting in contravention of God's demands, Romans 4:5; Romans 5:6; 1 Timothy 1:9; 1 Peter 4:18; 2 Peter 2:5 (2 Peter 2:6 in some mss.); 2 Peter 3:7; Jude 1:4, Jude 1:15 (twice).

[ B-1,Verb,G764, asebeo ]
akin to A and B, signifies
(a) "to be or live ungodly," 2 Peter 2:6;
(b) "to commit ungodly deeds," Jude 1:15.

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