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Touch (Verb)

[ 1,,G681, hapto ]
primarily, to fasten to," hence, of fire, "to kindle," denotes, in the Middle Voice
(a) "to touch," e.g., Matthew 8:3, Matthew 8:15; Matthew 9:20-Matthew 9:21, Matthew 9:29;
(b) "to cling to, lay hold of," John 20:17; here the Lord's prohibition as to clinging to Him was indicative of the fact that communion with Him would, after His ascension, be by faith, through the Spirit;
(c) "to have carnal intercourse with a woman," 1 Corinthians 7:1;
(d) "to have fellowship and association with unbelievers," 2 Corinthians 6:17;
(e) (negatively) "to adhere to certain Levitical and ceremonial ordinances," in order to avoid contracting external defilement, or to practice rigorous asceticism, all such abstentions being of "no value against the indulgence of the flesh," Colossians 2:21, AV (RV, "handle");
(f) "to assault," in order to sever the vital union between Christ and the believer, said of the attack of the Evil One, 1 John 5:18. See HANDLE, No. 2, KINDLE, LIGHT.

[ 2,,G2345, thingano ]
"to touch," a lighter term than No. 1, though Hebrews 11:28 approximates to it, in expressing the action of the Destroyer of the Egyptian firstborn; in Hebrews 12:20 it signifies "to touch," and is not to be interpreted by Psalms 104:32, "He toucheth (No. 1 in the Sept.) the hills and they smoke;" in Colossians 2:21, RV (AV, "handle"). See HANDLE, No. 2.

[ 3,,G4379, prospsauo ]
"to touch upon, to touch slightly," occurs in Luke 11:46.

[ 4,,G5584, pselaphao ]
"to feel, to handle," is rendered "that might be touched" in Hebrews 12:18. See FEEL, No. 3. HANDLE, No. 1.

[ 5,,G2609, katago ]
"to bring down," is used of bringing a ship to land in Acts 27:3. See BRING No. 16.

[ 6,,G4834, sumpatheo ]
for which See COMPASSION, A, No. 3, is rendered "be touched with" in Hebrews 4:15.

[ 7,,G3846, paraballo ]
for which See ARRIVE, No. 4, COMPARE, No. 2, is rendered "touched at" in Acts 20:15, RV.

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