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Thunder, Thundering

[ 1,,G1027, bronte ]
in Mark 3:17 sons of thunder" is the interpretation of Boanerges, the name applied by the Lord to James and John; their firey disposition is seen in Mark 9:38; Luke 9:54; perhaps in the case of James it led to his execution. The name and its interpretation have caused much difficulty; some suggest the meaning "the twins." It is however most probably the equivalent of the Aramaic bene regesh, "sons of tumult;" the latter of the two words was no doubt used of "thunder" in Palestinian Aramaic; hence the meaning "the sons of thunder;" the cognate Hebrew word ragash, "to rage," is used in Psalms 2:1 and there only. In John 12:29 bronte is used with ginomai, "to take place," and rendered "it had thundered;" lit., "there was thunder;" elsewhere, Revelation 4:5; Revelation 6:1; Revelation 8:5; Revelation 10:3-Revelation 10:4; Revelation 11:19; Revelation 14:2; Revelation 16:18; Revelation 19:6.

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