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Such as

* Notes:

(1) In Acts 2:47, AV, the article with the present participle, Passive, of sozo, to save," lit., "the (ones), i.e., those, being saved," is translated "such as (should be saved);" the RV, "those that (were being saved)," gives the correct meaning, marking the kind of persons who were added to the company;

(2) "such as" is a rendering of certain relative pronouns: hoios, "what sort of," e.g., Matthew 24:21; 2 Corinthians 12:20 (twice); Revelation 16:18; hostis, "whoever," e.g., Mark 4:20; hopoios, "of what sort," preceded by toioutos, "of such a sort," Acts 26:29;

(3) deina, Matthew 26:18, denotes "such a one" (whom one cannot, or will not, name).

(4) In Hebrews 13:5, "such things as ye have" represents the phrase ta paronta, "the (things) present" (present participle of pareimi);

(5) in Luke 11:41, ta enonta, AV, "such things as ye have," lit., "the (things) within" (eneimi, "to be in"), RV, "those things which are within" (AV marg., "as you are able," RV, marg., "ye can"), perhaps signifying not outward things such as lustrations, but "what things ye have within your cups and platters," i.e., "your possessions."

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