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Spring (Noun and Verb)

[ A-1,Verb,G1096, ginomai ]
to become," is used in the best texts in Hebrews 11:12, "sprang" (some have gennao, in the Passive Voice, rendered in the same way).

[ A-2,Verb,G393, anatello ]
"to arise," is rendered by the verb "to spring," or "spring up," in Matthew 4:16; Hebrews 7:14. See ARISE, No. 9.

[ A-3,Verb,G1816, exanatello ]
ek or ex, "out," and No. 2, is used of the "springing" up of seeds, Matthew 13:5; Mark 4:5 (No. 7 in Mark 4:8).

[ A-4,Verb,G5453, phuo ]
used transitively, "to bring forth, produce," denotes, in the Passive Voice, "to spring up, grow," of seed, Luke 8:6, Luke 8:8, AV, "was sprung up" and "sprang up" (RV, "grew"); in the Active Voice, intransitively, in Hebrews 12:15, of a root of bitterness. See GROW.

[ A-5,Verb,G4855, sumphuo ]
"to cause to grow together" (sun, "with," and No. 4), occurs in Luke 8:7, RV, "grew with," AV, "sprang up with."

[ A-6,Verb,G985, blastano ]
"to sprout," is rendered "to spring up" in Matthew 13:26, of tare blades, and Mark 4:27, of seed. See BRING, A, No. 26, BUD.

[ A-7,Verb,G305, anabaino ]
"to go up," is rendered "sprang up" in Matthew 13:7, AV, of thorns, and Mark 4:8, of seed (RV, "grew up"). See GROW, No. 4.

[ A-8,Verb,G242, hallomai ]
"to leap, spring," is rendered "springing up," of well water, in John 4:14, figurative of the Holy Spirit in the believer. See LEAP.

[ A-9,Verb,G1530, eispedao ]
"to spring" or "leap in," occurs in Acts 16:29, "sprang in." In the Sept., Amos 5:19.

[ A-10,Verb,G1600, ekpedao ]
"to spring forth," occurs in Acts 14:14, in the best texts. See RUN, Note

[ B-1,Noun,G4077, pege ]
is rendered "springs" in 2 Peter 2:17, RV: See FOUNTAIN.

Note: For epiginomai, Acts 28:13, See BLOW (verb).

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