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Secret, Secretly

[ A-1,Adjective,G2927, kruptos ]
secret, hidden" (akin to krupto, "to hide"), Eng., "crypt," "cryptic," etc., is used as an adjective and rendered "secret" in Luke 8:17, AV (RV, "hid"); in the neuter, with en, "in," as an adverbial phrase, "in secret," with the article, Matthew 6:4, Matthew 6:6 (twice in each verse); without the article, John 7:4, John 7:10; John 18:20; in the neuter plural, with the article, "the secrets (of men)," Romans 2:16; of the heart, 1 Corinthians 14:25; in Luke 11:33, AV, "a secret place" (RV, "cellar"). See CELLAR, HIDDEN, INWARDLY.

[ A-2,Adjective,G614, apokruphos ]
(whence "Apocrypha"), "hidden," is translated "kept secret" in Mark 4:22, AV (RV, "made secret"); "secret" in Luke 8:17, RV (AV, "hid"). See HIDE, B, No. 2.

[ A-3,Adjective,G2928, kruphaios ]
occurs in the best mss. in Matthew 6:18 (twice; some have No. 1).

[ B-1,Adverb,G2931, kruphe ]
akin to A, No. 1, "secretly, in secret," is used in Ephesians 5:12.

[ B-2,Adverb,G2977, lathra ]
akin to lanthano, "to escape notice, be hidden," is translated "secretly" in John 11:28. See PRIVILY.

[ C-1,Verb,G2928, krupto ]
"to hide," is translated "secretly" in John 19:38 [perfect participle, Passive Voice, lit., "(but) having been hidden"], referring to Nicodemus as having been a "secret" disciple of Christ; in Matthew 13:35, AV, it is translated "kept secret" (RV, "hidden").


(1) For tameion, translated "secret chambers" in Matthew 24:26, See CHAMBER, No. 1.

(2) For the AV rendering of sigao, in Romans 16:25, "kept secret," See PEACE (hold one's), No. 2, and SILENCE.

(3) For "I have learned the secret," See LEARN, No. 4.

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