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Rend, Rent (Verb and Noun)

[ A-1,Verb,G4486, rhegnumi ]
to tear, rend," is translated "to rend" in Matthew 7:6, of swine. See BREAK, A, No. 6.

[ A-2,Verb,1284,diarrhesso / diaresso ] a late form of diarrhegnumi, "to break asunder, rend" (dia, "through," and No. 1), is used of "rending" one's garments, Matthew 26:65; Mark 14:63; Acts 14:14. See BREAK, A, No. 7.

[ A-3,Verb,4048,perirrhegnumi / periregnumi ] "to tear off all round" (peri, "around"), is said of garments in Acts 16:22.

[ A-4,Verb,G4977, schizo ]
"to split, rend open," translated "to rend" in Matthew 27:51 (twice); Mark 1:10, RV, "rent asunder" (AV, "open"); Mark 15:38; Luke 5:36, RV, "rendeth (from);" the AV follows the mss. which omit it in the 1st part of this verse; Luke 23:45; John 19:24; John 21:11, RV, "rent" (AV, "broken"), of a net. See BREAK, A, No. 12.

[ A-5,Verb,G1288, diaspao ]
"to tear asunder," is translated "rent asunder" in Mark 5:4, RV (AV, "plucked asunder"); for Acts 23:10, See TEAR.

Note: In Mark 9:26, AV, sparasso, "to tear" (RV), is rendered "rent." See TEAR.

[ B-1,Noun,G4978, schisma ]
"a rent, division" (akin to A, No. 4), signifies a "rent" in wine-skins in Matthew 9:16; Mark 2:21. See DIVISION, No. 3.

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