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Reason (Verb)

[ 1,,G1260, dialogizomai ]
to bring together different reasons and reckon them up, to reason," is used in the NT
(a) chiefly of thoughts and considerations which are more or less objectionable, e.g., of the disciples who "reasoned" together, through a mistaken view of Christ's teaching regarding leaven, Matthew 16:7-Matthew 16:8; Mark 8:16-Mark 8:17; of their "reasoning" as to who was the greatest among them, Mark 9:33, RV, "were ye reasoning," AV, "ye disputed" (for Mark 9:34, See DISPUTE); of the scribes and Pharisees in criticizing Christ's claim to forgive sins, Mark 2:6, Mark 2:8 (twice); Luke 5:21-Luke 5:22; of the chief priests and elders in considering how to answer Christ's question regarding John's baptism, Matthew 21:25; Mark 11:31 (some mss. have logizomai, here, which is nowhere else rendered "to reason"); of the wicked husbandmen, and their purpose to murder the heir and sieze his inheritasnce, Luke 20:14; of the rich man who "reasoned" within himself, RV (AV, "thought"), as to where to bestow his fruits, Luke 12:17 (some mss. have it in John 11:50, the best have logizomai; See ACCOUNT, No. 4);
(b) of considerations not objectionable, Luke 1:29, "cast in (her) mind;" Luke 3:15, RV, and AV, marg., "reasoned" (AV, "mused"). See CAST, No. 15, DISPUTE, B, No. 2.

[ 2,,G1256, dialegomai ]
"to think different things with oneself, to ponder," then, "to dispute with others," is translated "to reason" in Acts 17:2, AV and RV; Acts 17:17, RV; Acts 18:4, Acts 18:19, AV and RV; Acts 19:8-Acts 19:9, RV; Acts 24:25, AV and RV; Hebrews 12:5, RV, "reasoneth (with you)," AV, "speaketh (unto you)." See DISPUTE, B, No. 1.

[ 3,,G4817, sullogizomai ]
"to compute" (sun, "with," and logizomai; cp. Eng., "syllogism"), also denotes "to reason," and is so rendered in Luke 20:5.

[ 4,,G4802, suzeteo ]
"to seek or examine together" (sun, "with," zeteo, "to seek"), "to discuss," is translated "reasoning" in Mark 12:28, AV (RV, "questioning"); similarly in Luke 24:15. See DISPUTE, B, No. 3.

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