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Point, Points

* Notes: Phrases.

(1) In Hebrews 4:15, in all points" represents the phrase kata with the neuter plural of pas, "all," lit., "according to all (things)."

(2) "To be at the point of death" is a translation
(a) of the verb mello, "to be about," with teleutao, "to end one's life, die," Luke 7:2; See DIE, No. 4;
(b) of mello with apothnesko, "to die," John 4:47;
(c) of the phrase mentioned under DEATH, C, Note.

(3) In James 2:10, en heni (the dative case of heis, "one"), lit., "in one," is rendered "in one point."

[ A-1,Noun,G2774, kephalaion ]
the neuter of the adjective kephalaios, "of the head," is used as a noun, signifying
(a) "a sum, amount, of money," Acts 22:28;
(b) "a chief point," Hebrews 8:1, not the summing up of the subject, as the AV suggests, for the subject was far from being finished in the Epistle; on the contrary, in all that was being set forth by the writer "the chief point" consisted in the fact that believers have "a High Priest" of the character already described. See SUM.

[ B-1,Verb,G1213, deloo ]
"to make plain" (delos, "evident"), is translated "did point unto" in 1 Peter 1:11, RV (AV, "did signify"), of the operation of "the Spirit of Christ" in the prophets of the Old Testament in "pointing" on to the time and its characteristics, of the sufferings of Christ and subsequent glories. See SHEW, SIGNIFY.

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