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Pluck (out)

[ 1,,G5089, tillo ]
is used of plucking off ears of corn," Matthew 12:1; Mark 2:23; Luke 6:1. In the Sept., Isaiah 18:7.

[ 2,,G726, harpazo ]
"to seize, snatch," is rendered "pluck" in John 10:28-John 10:29, AV, RV, "snatch." For the meaning, See CATCH, No. 1.

[ 3,,G1807, exaireo ]
"to take out" (ex for ek, "out," haireo, "to take"), is translated "pluck out," of the eye as the occasion of sin, in Matthew 5:29; Matthew 18:9, indicating that, with determination and promptitude, we are to strike at the root of unholy inclinations, ridding ourselves of whatever would stimulate them. Cp. Note
(2) below. See DELIVER, No. 8.

[ 4,,G1846, exorusso ]
"to dig out or up," is rendered "ye would have plucked out (your eyes)" in Galatians 4:15, an indication of their feelings of gratitude to, and love for, the Apostle. The metaphor affords no real ground for the supposition of a reference to some weakness of his sight, and certainly not to the result of his temporary blindness at his conversion, the recovery from which must have been as complete as the infliction. There would be some reason for such an inference had the pronoun "ye" been stressed; but the stress is on the word "eyes;" their devotion prompted a readiness to part with their most treasured possession on his behalf. For Mark 2:4 See BREAK, No. 14, DIG, No. 1, Note
(2). In the Sept., 1 Samuel 11:2; Proverbs 29:22.

[ 5,,G1610, ekrizoo ]
"to pluck up by the roots" (ek, "out," rhiza, "a root"), is so translated in Jude 1:12 (figuratively), and in the AV in Luke 17:6, RV, "rooted up;" "root up," Matthew 13:29; "shall be rooted up," Matthew 15:13. See ROOT.


(1) In Mark 5:4, AV, diaspao, "to rend asunder" (RV), is translated "plucked asunder," said of chains.

(2) In Mark 9:47, AV, ekballo, "to cast out" (RV), is translated "pluck ... out." Cp. No. 3, above.

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