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Perverse, Pervert

[ 1,,G654, apostrepho ]
to turn away" (apo, "from," strepho, "to turn"), is used metaphorically in the sense of "perverting" in Luke 23:14 (cp. No. 2 in Luke 23:2). See BRING, No. 22.

[ 2,,G1294, diastrepho ]
"to distort, twist" (dia, "through," and strepho), is translated "to pervert" in Luke 23:2 (cp. No. 1 in Luke 23:14); Acts 13:10 [in Acts 13:8, "to turn aside" (AV, "away"]; in the perfect participle, Passive Voice, it is translated "perverse," lit., "turned aside, corrupted," in Matthew 17:17; Luke 9:41; Acts 20:30; Philippians 2:15.

[ 3,,G3344, metastrepho ]
"to transform into something of an opposite character" (meta, signifying "a change," and strepho,) as the Judaizers sought to "pervert the gospel of Christ," Galatians 1:7; cp. "the sun shall be turned into darkness," Acts 2:20; laughter into mourning and joy to heaviness, James 4:9. See TURN.

[ 4,,G1612, ekstrepho ]
"to turn inside out" (ek, "out"), "to change entirely," is used metaphorically in Titus 3:11, RV, "is perverted" (AV, "is subverted"). See SUBVERT.

Note: For "perverse disputings," 1 Timothy 6:5, AV, See DISPUTE, A, No. 3.

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