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Overthrow (Noun and Verb)

[ A-1,Noun,G2692, katastrophe ]
lit., a turning down" (kata, "down," strophe, "a turning;" Eng., "catastrophe"), is used
(a) literally, 2 Peter 2:6;
(b) metaphorically, 2 Timothy 2:14, "subverting," i.e., the "overthrowing" of faith. Cp. kathairesis, "a pulling down," 2 Corinthians 10:4, 2 Corinthians 10:8; 2 Corinthians 13:10.

[ B-1,Verb,G2690, katastrepho ]
akin to A, lit. and primarily, "to turn down" or "turn over," as, e.g., the soil, denotes to "overturn, overthrow," Matthew 21:12; Mark 11:15; in Acts 15:16, Passive Voice, "ruins," lit., "the overthrown (things) of it" (some mss. have kataskapto, "to dig down"). See RUIN.

[ B-2,Verb,G390, anastrepho ]
is found in some mss. in John 2:15 (See No. 3). See ABIDE, No. 8.

[ B-3,Verb,G396, anatrepo ]
lit., "to turn up or over" (ana, "up," trepo, "to turn"), "to upset," is used
(a) literally, in the most authentic mss., in John 2:15 (See No. 2);
(b) metaphorically, in 2 Timothy 2:18, "overthrow (the faith of some);" in Titus 1:11, RV, "overthrow (whole houses)," AV, "subvert ...," i.e., households. Moulton and Milligan (Vocab.) give an apt illustration from a 2nd cent. papyrus, of the complete upsetting of a family by the riotous conduct of a member.

[ B-4,Verb,G2647, kataluo ]
lit., "to loosen down," signifies "to overthrow" in Acts 5:38, RV, "it will be overthrown" (AV, "it will come to nought"); Romans 14:20, RV, "overthrow" (AV, "destroy"). See DESTROY.

[ B-5,Verb,G2693, katastronnumi ]
primarily, "to strew" or "spread over" (kata, "down," stronnumi, or stronnuo, "to spread"), then, "to overthrow," has this meaning in 1 Corinthians 10:5, "they were overthrown." In the Sept., Numbers 14:16; Job 12:23.

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