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Marvel (Noun and Verb), Marvellous

[ A-1,Noun,G2295, thauma ]
a wonder" (akin to theaomai, "to gaze in wonder"), is found in the most authentic mss. in 2 Corinthians 11:14 (some mss. have the adjective thaumastos: See C, below), "(no) marvel;" in Revelation 17:6, RV, "wonder" (AV, "admiration"), said of John's astonishment at the vision of the woman described as Babylon the Great. In the Sept., Job 17:8; Job 18:20; in some mss., Job 20:8; Job 21:5. Cp. teras, "a wonder;" semeion, "a sign;" thambos, "wonder;" ekstasis, "amazement."

[ B-1,Verb,G2296, thaumazo ]
signifies "to wonder at, marvel" (akin to A); the following are RV differences from the AV: Luke 2:33, "were marveling" for "marveled;" Luke 8:25; Luke 11:14, "marveled" for "wondered;" Luke 9:43, "were marveling" for "wondered;" 2 Thessalonians 1:10, "marveled at" for "admired" (of the person of Christ at the time of the shining forth of His Parousia, at the Second Advent). See WONDER.

Note: In Matthew 9:8, AV translates this verb; RV, phobeo, "were afraid."

[ B-2,Verb,1537 G2296, ekthaumazo ]
a strengthened form of No. 1 (ek, intensive), is found in the best mss. in Mark 12:17, RV, "wondered greatly" (some mss. have No. 1).

[ C-1,Adjective,G2298, thaumastos ]
"marvellous" (akin to A and B), is said
(a) of the Lord's doing in making the rejected Stone the Head of the corner, Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:11;
(b) of the erstwhile blind man's astonishment that the Pharisees knew not from whence Christ had come, and yet He had given him sight, John 9:30, RV, "the marvel," AV, "a marvellous thing;"
(c) of the spiritual light into which believers are brought, 1 Peter 2:9;
(d) of the vision of the seven angels having the seven last plagues, Revelation 15:1;
(e) of the works of God, Revelation 15:3.

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