Heavy, Heaviness - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Heavy, Heaviness

[ A-1,Noun,G3077, lupe ]
grief, sorrow," is rendered "heaviness" in the AV of Romans 9:2; 2 Corinthians 2:1 (RV, "sorrow," in both places). See GRIEF, SORROW.

[ A-2,Noun,G2726, katepheia ]
probably denotes a downcast look, expressive of sorrow; hence, "dejection, heaviness;" it is used in James 4:9.

[ A-3,Noun,G85, ademoneo ]
"to be troubled, much distressed," is used of the Lord's sorrow in Gethsemane, Matthew 26:37; Mark 14:33, AV, "to be very heavy," RV, "to be sore troubled;" of Epaphroditus, because the saints at Philippi had received news of his sickness, Philippians 2:26, AV, "was full of heaviness," RV, "was sore troubled." See TROUBLE. B, No. 12.

[ A-4,Noun,G3076, lupeo ]
"to distress, grieve" (akin to A, No. 1), is rendered "are in heaviness" in 1 Peter 1:6, AV (RV, "have been put to grief"); here, as frequently, it is in the Passive Voice. See GRIEF, SORROWFUL.

[ A-5,Noun,G916, bareo ]
always in the Passive Voice in the NT, is rendered "were heavy" in Matthew 26:43; Mark 14:40; Luke 9:32. See BURDEN.

Note: For "heavy laden," Matthew 11:28, See LADE, No. 3.

[ B-1,Adjective,G926, barus ]
"heavy" (akin to B, No. 3), is so rendered in Matthew 23:4. See GRIEVOUS.

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