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Gird, Girded, Girt (about, up)

[ 1,,G2224, zonnumi ]
or zonnuo, to gird" in the Middle Voice, "to gird oneself," is used of the long garments worn in the east, John 21:18; Acts 12:8 (perizonnumi in some mss.).

[ 2,,G328, anazonnumi ]
"to gird up" (ana, "up," and No. 1), is used metaphorically of the loins of the mind, 1 Peter 1:13; cp. Luke 12:35 (See No. 4). The figure is taken from the circumstances of the Israelites as they ate the Passover in readiness for their journey, Exodus 12:11; the Christian is to have his mental powers alert in expectation of Christ's coming. The verb is in the Middle Voice, indicating the special interest the believer is to take in so doing.

[ 3,,G1241, diazonnumi ]
"to gird round," i.e., firmly (dia, "throughout," used intensively), is used of the Lord's act in "girding" Himself with a towel, John 13:4-John 13:5, and of Peter's girding himself with his coat, John 21:7.

[ 4,,G4024, perizonnumi ]
"to gird around or about," is used
(a) literally, of "girding" oneself for service, Luke 12:37; Luke 17:8; for rapidity of movement, Acts 12:8;
(b) figuratively, of the condition for service on the part of the followers of Christ, Luke 12:35; Ephesians 6:14;
(c) emblematically, of Christ's priesthood, Revelation 1:13, indicative of majesty of attitude and action, the Middle Voice suggesting the particular interest taken by Christ in "girding" Himself thus; so of the action of the angels mentioned in Revelation 15:6.

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