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Find, Found

[ 1,,G2147, heurisko ]
(a) to find," either with previous search, e.g., Matthew 7:7-Matthew 7:8, or without, e.g., Matthew 27:32; in the Passive Voice, of Enoch's disappearance, Hebrews 11:5; of mountains, Revelation 16:20; of Babylon and its occupants, Revelation 18:21-Revelation 18:22;
(b) metaphorically, "to find out by enquiry," or "to learn, discover," e.g., Luke 19:48; John 18:38; John 19:4, John 19:6; Acts 4:21; Acts 13:28; Romans 7:10; Galatians 2:17, which indicates "the surprise of the Jew" who learned for the first time that before God he had no moral superiority over the Gentiles whom he superciliously dubbed "sinners," while he esteemed himself to be "righteous;" 1 Peter 1:7; Revelation 5:4;
(c) in the Middle Voice, "to find for oneself, gain, procure, obtain," e.g. Matthew 10:39; Matthew 11:29, "ye shall find (rest);" Luke 1:30; Acts 7:46; 2 Timothy 1:18. See GET, OBTAIN.

[ 2,,G429, aneurisko ]
"to find out" (by search), "discover" (ana, "up," and No. 1), implying diligent searching, is used in Luke 2:16, of the shepherds in searching for and "finding" Mary and Joseph and the Child; in Acts 21:4, of Paul and his companions, in searching for and "finding" "the disciples" at Tyre (in Acts 21:2, No. 1, is used).

[ 3,,G2983, lambano ]
"to take, receive," is translated "finding (occasion)" in Romans 7:11, RV (AV, "taking"). See ACCEPT.

[ 4,,G2638, katalambano ]
"to lay hold of," said of mental action, "to comprehend" by laying hold of or "finding" facts, is translated "I found," of Festus regarding charges made against Paul, Acts 25:25. See APPREHEND.


(1) For sunanapauomai, "to be refreshed in spirit," in Romans 15:32, RV, "find rest with," See FIND, REFRESH.

(2) In Romans 7:18, there is no word in the original for "find." Hence the RV has "is not."

(3) In Romans 11:33, anexichniastos, untraceable, is rendered "past finding out," AV, RV, "past tracing out" (ichniazo, "to track out"); in Ephesians 3:8, "unsearchable." See TRACE, UNSEARCHABLE.

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