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Estate, State

[ 1,,G2158, euschemon ]
signifying elegant, graceful, comely" (eu, "well," schema, "figure, fashion"), is used
(a) in a moral sense, seemly, becoming, 1 Corinthians 7:35;
(b) in a physical sense, comely, 1 Corinthians 12:24;
(c) with reference to social degree, influential, a meaning developed in later Greek, and rendered of "honorable estate" in the RV of Mark 15:43; Acts 13:50; Acts 17:12 (for AV, "honorable"). See COMELY, HONORABLE.

[ 2,,G5014, tapeinosis ]
denotes "abasement, humiliation, low estate" (from tapeinos, "lowly"), Luke 1:48, "low estate;" Acts 8:33, "humiliation;" Philippians 3:21, RV, "of humiliation," for AV, "vile;" James 1:10, "is made low," lit., "in his low estate." See HUMILIATION, LOW, VILE.

[ 3,,G5311, hupsos ]
signifying "height," is rendered "(in his) high estate," James 1:9, RV, for AV, "in that he is exalted;" "on high," Luke 1:78; Luke 24:49; Ephesians 4:8; "height," Ephesians 3:18; Revelation 21:16. See EXALT, HEIGHT, HIGH.


(1) In Acts 22:5, presbuterion, "presbytery, a body of elders," is translated "estate of the elders," lit., "the presbytery," i.e., the Sanhedrin.

(2) In Colossians 4:7 the plural of the definite article with the preposition kata, and the singular personal pronoun with panta, "all," is rendered "all my state," AV, RV, "all my affairs;" in Colossians 4:8 the preposition peri, with the personal pronoun, lit., "the things concerning us," is translated "our estate," i.e., "how we fare;" so in Philippians 2:19-Philippians 2:20, "your state," i.e., "your condition."

(3) In Mark 6:21 protos, lit., "first," is rendered "chief estates," AV, RV, "the chief men," i.e., the men to whom belongs the dignity.

(4) In Romans 12:16 tapeinos, in the plural with the article, lit., "the lowly," is translated "men of low estate," AV, RV, "things that are lowly."

(5) In Jude 1:6 arche, "principality," RV, AV has "first estate,"

(6) For "last state" See LAST.

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