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Endure, Enduring

[ A-1,Verb,G3306, meno ]
to abide," is rendered "to endure" in the AV of John 6:27; 1 Peter 1:25 (RV, "abideth"); Hebrews 10:34, AV, "enduring (substance)," RV, "abiding." See ABIDE.

[ A-2,Verb,G5278, hupomeno ]
a strengthened form of No. 1, denotes "to abide under, to bear up courageously" (under suffering), Matthew 10:22; Matthew 24:13; Mark 13:13; Romans 12:12, translated "patient;" 1 Corinthians 13:7; 2 Timothy 2:10, 2 Timothy 2:12 (AV, "suffer"); Hebrews 10:32; Hebrews 12:2-Hebrews 12:3, Hebrews 12:7; James 1:12; James 5:11; 1 Peter 2:20, "ye shall take it patiently." It has its other significance, "to tarry, wait for, await," in Luke 2:43; Acts 17:14 (in some mss., Romans 8:24). Cp. B. See ABIDE, PATIENT, SUFFER, TARRY. Cp. makrothumeo, "to be longsuffering" (See No. 7).

[ A-3,Verb,G5342, phero ]
"to bear," is translated "endured" in Romans 9:22; Hebrews 12:20. See BEAR.

[ A-4,Verb,G5297, hupophero ]
a strengthened form of No. 3, "to bear or carry," by being under, is said metaphorically of "enduring" temptation, 1 Corinthians 10:13, AV, "bear;" persecutions, 2 Timothy 3:11; griefs, 1 Peter 2:19. See BEAR.

[ A-5,Verb,G430, anecho ]
"to hold up" (ana, "up," echo, "to hold or have"), always in the Middle Voice in the NT, is rendered "endure" in 2 Thessalonians 1:4, of persecutions and tribulations; in 2 Timothy 4:3, of sound doctrine. See BEAR.

[ A-6,Verb,G2594, kartereo ]
"to be steadfast, patient," is used in Hebrews 11:27, "endured," of Moses in relation to Egypt. In the Sept., Job 2:9; Isaiah 42:14.

[ A-7,Verb,G3114, makrothumeo ]
"to be long-tempered" (makros, "long," thumos, "mind"), is rendered "patiently endured" in Hebrews 6:15, said of Abraham. See B. below. See BEAR, LONGSUFFERING, PATIENCE, SUFFER.

Note: In 2 Timothy 2:9, kakopatheo, "to suffer evil" (kakos, "evil," pascho, "to suffer"), is translated "endure hardness," AV; RV, "suffer hardship;" so in 2 Timothy 4:5, AV, "endure afflictions;" elsewhere in James 5:13. In 2 Timothy 2:3 the most authentic mss. have sunkakopatheo, "to suffer hardship with," as in 2 Timothy 1:8. See HARDSHIP, SUFFER.

[ B-1,Noun,G5281, hupomone ]
"patience," lit., "a remaining under" (akin to A, No. 2), is translated "patient enduring" in 2 Corinthians 1:6, RV, for AV, "enduring." Cp. makrothumia, "longsuffering" (akin to A, No. 7). See PATIENCE.

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