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Desert (Noun and Adjective)

[ A-1,Noun,G2047, eremia ]
primarily a solitude, an uninhabited place," in contrast to a town or village, is translated "deserts" in Hebrews 11:38; "the wilderness" in Matthew 15:33, AV, "a desert place," RV; so in Mark 8:4; "wilderness" in 2 Corinthians 11:26. It does not always denote a barren region, void of vegetation; it is often used of a place uncultivated, but fit for pasturage. See WILDERNESS.

[ B-1,Adjective,G2048, eremos ]
used as a noun, has the same meaning as eremia; in Luke 5:16; Luke 8:29, RV, "deserts," for AV, "wilderness;" in Matthew 24:26; John 6:31, RV, "wilderness," for AV, "desert." As an adjective, it denotes
(a), with reference to persons, "deserted," desolate, deprived of the friends and kindred, e.g., of a woman deserted by a husband, Galatians 4:27;
(b) so of a city, as Jerusalem, Matthew 23:38; or uninhabited places, "desert," e.g., Matthew 14:13,15; Acts 8:26; in Mark 1:35, RV, "desert," for AV, "solitary." See DESOLATE, WILDERNESS.

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