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Delicately (live)

[ A-1,Verb,G5171, truphao ]
from thrupto, to enervate," signifies "to lead a voluptuous life, to give oneself up to pleasure," James 5:5, RV, "ye have lived delicately;" AV, "ye have lived in pleasure."


(1) Cp. spatalao, from spatale, "wantonness, to live riotously," used with A in James 5:5, "ye have lived in pleasure" (RV, "have taken your ..."); cp. 1 Timothy 5:6, of carnal women in the church, AV, "liveth in pleasure," RV, "giveth herself to pleasure. See PLEASURE.

(2) Cp. also streniao, "to run riot," translated "lived deliciously," in Revelation 18:7, Revelation 18:9, AV (RV, "waxed wanton" and "lived wantonly"). Cp. DELICACIES (above). See WANTON. Cp. the intensive form katastreniao, "to wax utterly wanton," 1 Timothy 5:11.

(3) Spatalao "might properly be laid to the charge of the prodigal, scattering his substance in riotous living, Luke 15:13; ... truphao to the charge of the rich man, faring sumptuously every day, Luke 16:19; streniao to Jeshurun, when, waxing fat, he kicked, Deuteronomy 32:15" (Trench, Syn. liv).

[ B-1,Noun,G5172, truphe ]
akin to A, is used with en, in the phrase en truphe, "luxuriously," "delicately," Luke 7:25, and denotes effeminacy, softness; "to revel" in 2 Peter 2:13 (AV, "riot"), lit., "counting reveling in the day time a pleasure." See REVEL, RIOT.

Note: Entruphao, "to revel luxuriously," is used in 2 Peter 2:13, RV, "reveling" (AV, "sporting themselves").

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