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Deep (Noun and Adjective), Deepness, Deeply, Depth

[ A-1,Noun,G899, bathos ]
is used
(a) naturally, in Matthew 13:5, deepness;" Mark 4:5, AV, "depth," RV, "deepness;" Luke 5:4, of "deep" water; Romans 8:39 (contrasted with hupsoma, "height");
(b) metaphorically, in Romans 11:33, of God's wisdom and knowledge; in 1 Corinthians 2:10, of God's counsels; in Ephesians 3:18, of the dimensions of the sphere of the activities of God's counsels, and of the love of Christ which occupies that sphere; in 2 Corinthians 8:2, of "deep" poverty; some mss. have it in Revelation 2:24.

[ A-2,Noun,G1037, buthos ]
"a depth," is used in the NT only in the natural sense, of the sea, 2 Corinthians 11:25.


(1) Cp. buthizo, "to sink" (intransitive), Middle Voice, Luke 5:7; (transitive) "to drown," 1 Timothy 6:9.

(2) Abussos, Eng., abyss, is translated "the deep" in Luke 8:31; Romans 10:7, AV. See ABYSS, BOTTOM.

[ B-1,Adjective and Adverb,G901, bathus ]
akin to A, No. 1, "deep," is said in John 4:11, of a well; in Acts 20:9, of sleep; in Revelation 2:24 the plural is used, of the "deep things," the evil designs and workings, of Satan.


(1) In Luke 24:1, some mss. have batheos, the genitive case, with orthros, "dawn;" the most authentic mss. have batheos, "deeply," i.e., very early.

(2) In Mark 8:12, "He sighed deeply" represents anastenazo, "to fetch a deep-drawn sigh" (ana, "up," stenazo, "to sigh or groan"). See SIGH.

[ C-1,Verb,G900, bathuno ]
"to deepen, make deep," is used in Luke 6:48 (AV, "digged deep"). The original has two separate verbs, skapto, "to dig," and bathuno; the RV therefore has "digged and went deep.

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