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Continual, Continually (see also Continue)

[ A-1,Adverbial Phrase,1519 5056,eis telos ] lit., unto (the) end," signifies "continual," in Luke 18:5, of the importunate widow's applications to the unrighteous judge; See also Matthew 10:22; Matthew 24:13; Mark 13:13; John 13:1; 1 Thessalonians 2:16. Cp. heos telous, lit., "until the end," 1 Corinthians 1:8; 2 Corinthians 1:13; mechri telous, ditto, Hebrews 3:6, Hebrews 3:14; achri telous, Hebrews 6:11; Revelation 2:26.

[ A-2,Adverbial Phrase,1275,dia pantos ] is used of a "period throughout or during which anything is done;" it is said of the disciples' "continuance" in the Temple after the ascension of Christ, Luke 24:53; of the regular entrance of the priests into the first tabernacle, Hebrews 9:6, RV (AV "always"); of the constant sacrifice of praise enjoined upon believers, Hebrews 13:15. See also Matthew 18:10; Mark 5:5; Acts 10:2; Acts 24:16; Romans 11:10; 2 Thessalonians 3:16, "at all times." See ALWAYS, No. 3, and Note under No. 3 below).

[ A-3,Adverbial Phrase,1519 1336,eis to dienekes ] lit., "unto the carried-through" (dia, "through," enenka, "to carry"), i.e., unto (the) unbroken "continuance," is used of the continuous Priesthood of Christ, Hebrews 7:3, and of the "continual" offering of sacrifices under the Law, Hebrews 10:1. It is translated "for ever," in Hebrews 10:12, of the everlasting session of Christ at the right hand of God; and in Hebrews 10:14, of the everlasting effects of His sacrifice upon "them that are sanctified." See EVER.

Note: No. 2 indicates that a certain thing is done frequently throughout a period; No. 3 stresses the unbroken continuity of what is mentioned.

[ B-1,Adjective,G88, adialeiptos ]
"continual, unceasing:" See CEASE, B.

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