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Contend (-ing)

[ 1,,G118, athleo ]
to engage in a contest" (cp. Eng., "athlete"), "to contend in public games," is used in 2 Timothy 2:5, RV, "contend in the games," for the AV, "strive for the masteries." See STRIVE.

Note: In 1 Corinthians 9:25, the verb agonizomai, "to strive," is used in the same connection, RV, "striveth in the games." Cp. No. 3.

[ 2,,G1252, diakrino ]
lit., "to separate throughout or wholly" (dia, "asunder," krino, "to judge," from a root kri---, meaning "separation"), then, to distinguish, decide, signifies, in the Middle Voice, "to separate oneself from, or to contend with," as did the circumcisionists with Peter, Acts 11:2; as did Michael with Satan, Jude 1:9. See RV marg. of Jude 1:22, where the thought may be that of differing in opinion. See DIFFER, DISCERN, DOUBT, JUDGE, PARTIAL, STAGGER, WAVER.

[ 3,,G1864, epagonizomai ]
signifies "to contend about a thing, as a combatant" (epi, "upon or about," intensive, agon, "a contest"), "to contend earnestly," Jude 1:3. The word "earnestly" is added to convey the intensive force of the preposition.

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