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Confer, Conference

[ 1,,G4323, prosanatithemi ]
lit., to put before" (pros, "towards," ana, "up," and tithemi, "to put"), i.e., "to lay a matter before others so as to obtain counsel or instruction," is used of Paul's refraining from consulting human beings, Galatians 1:16 (translated "imparted" in Galatians 2:6; AV, "added ... in conference"). Cp. the shorter form anatithemi, in Galatians 2:2, "laid before," the less intensive word being used there simply to signify the imparting of information, rather than conferring with others to seek advice. See ADD, IMPART.

[ 2,,G4814, sullaleo ]
"to speak together with" (sun, "with," laleo, "to speak"), is translated "conferred" in Acts 25:12; elsewhere of talking with, Matthew 17:3; Mark 9:4; Luke 4:36; Luke 9:30; "communed" in Luke 22:4. See COMMUNE, SPEAK, TALK.

[ 3,,G4820, sumballo ]
lit., "to throw together" (sun, "with," ballo, "to throw"), is used of "conversation, to discourse or consult together, confer," Acts 4:15. See ENCOUNTER, HELP, MEET WITH, PONDER.

Note: For the AV, "conference" in Galatians 2:6, See No. 1, above.

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