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Coast, Coasting

[ A-1,Noun,G3725, horion ]
a bound, boundary, limit, frontier" (akin to horizo, "to bound, limit"), is rendered "coasts" ten times in the AV, but "borders" in Matthew 4:13, and is always translated "borders" in the RV. See BORDER.

[ B-1,Adjective,G3882, paralios ]
"by the sea" (para, "by," hals, "salt"), hence denotes "a sea coast," Luke 6:17. In the Sept., Genesis 49:13; Deuteronomy 1:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Joshua 9:1; Joshua 11:3 (twice); Job 6:3; Isaiah 9:1.

[ C-1,Verb,G3881, paralego ]
is used, in the Middle Voice, as a nautical term, "to sail past," Acts 27:8, "coasting along;" Acts 27:13, "sailed by."


(1) Methorion (meta, "with," and A), in Mark 7:24, is translated "borders."

(2) The phrase "upon the sea coasts," Matthew 4:13, AV, translates parathalassios (para, "by," thalassa, "the sea"), RV, "by the sea."

(3) Meros, "a part," is translated "coasts" in Matthew 15:21; Matthew 16:13, AV (RV, "parts,"); "country," RV, in Acts 19:1, AV "coasts;" this refers to the high land in the interior of Asia Minor. See BEHALF, CRAFT, PART, PARTICULAR, PIECE, PORTION, RESPECT, SOMEWHAT, SORT.

(4) Chora, "a country," rendered "coasts" in Acts 26:20, AV, is corrected in the RV to "country." See COUNTRY, FIELD, GROUND, LAND, REGION.

(5) In Acts 27:2 the phrase in the RV, "on the coast of," translates the preposition kata, "along," and the complete clause, "unto the places on the coast of Asia," RV, is curiously condensed in the AV to "by the coasts of Asia."

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