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Change (Noun and Verb)

[ A-1,Noun,G3331, metathesis ]
a transposition, or a transference from one place to another" (from meta, implying "change," and tithemi, "to put"), has the meaning of "change" in Hebrews 7:12, in connection with the necessity of a "change" of the Law (or, as margin, law), if the priesthood is changed (See B, No. 3). It is rendered "translation" in Hebrews 11:5, "removing" in Hebrews 12:27. See REMOVING, TRANSLATION.

[ B-1,Verb,G236, allasso ]
"to make other than it is" (from allos, "another"), "to transform, change," is used
(a) of the effect of the Gospel upon the precepts of the Law, Acts 6:14;
(b) of the effect, on the body of a believer, of Christ's return, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52;
(c) of the final renewal of the material creation, Hebrews 1:12;
(d) of a change in the Apostle's mode of speaking (or dealing), Galatians 4:20. In Romans 1:23 it has its other meaning, "to exchange."

[ B-2,Verb,G3337, metallasso ]
from meta, "implying change," and No. 1, "to change one thing for another, or into another," Romans 1:25-Romans 1:26, is translated "exchange" in Romans 1:25. See EXCHANGE.

[ B-3,Verb,G3346, metatithemi ]
"to place differently, to change," (akin to A, above), is said of priesthood, Hebrews 7:12. See CARRY, No. 5.

[ B-4,Verb,G3328, metaballo ]
meta, as in No. 2, and ballo, "to throw," signifies "to turn quickly," or, in the Middle Voice, "to change one's mind," and is found in Acts 28:6.


(1) In Philippians 3:21, for the AV rendering of metaschematizo, "change," the RV has "fashion anew;" in 2 Corinthians 3:18 metamorphoo is rendered "change," in the AV (RV, "transform"). For metanoia, "a change of mind," See REPENTANCE.

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