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Base, Baser

[ 1,,G36, agenes ]
of low birth" (a, negative, genos, "family, race"), hence denoted "that which is of no reputation, of no account," 1 Corinthians 1:28, "the base things of the world," i.e., those which are of no account or fame in the world's esteem. That the neuter plural of the adjective bears reference to persons is clear from verse 26.

[ 2,,G5011, tapeinos ]
primarily "that which is low, and does not rise far from the ground," as in the Sept. of Ezekiel 17:24, hence, metaphorically, signifies "lowly, of no degree." So the RV in 2 Corinthians 10:1. Cp. Luke 1:52; James 1:9, "of low degree." Cp. tapeinophrosune, "lowliness of mind," and tapeinoo, "to humble." See CAST, Note

[ 3,,G60, agoraios ]
translated in the AV of Acts 17:5 "of the baser sort," RV, "of the rabble," signifies, lit., "relating to the market place;" hence, frequenting markets, and so sauntering about idly. It is also used of affairs usually transacted in the market-place, and hence of judicial assemblies, Acts 19:38, RV, "courts" (AV, "law"); the margin in both RV and AV has "court days are kept." See COURT.

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