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Apparel, Apparelled

[ 1,,G2066 G2067,esthes esthesis ] connected with hennumi, to clothe" means "clothing, raiment," usually suggesting the ornate, the goodly. The former is found in Luke 23:11, RV, "apparel" (AV, "robe"); Luke 24:4 (AV, "garments"); Acts 10:30 (AV, "clothing"); Acts 12:21; James 2:2 (RV, "clothing," twice; AV, "apparel" and "raiment"); James 2:3 ("clothing"). Esthesis is used in Acts 1:10, "apparel." See CLOTHING.

[ 2,,G2440, himation ]
a diminutive of heima, "a robe," was used especially of an outer cloak or mantle, and in general of raiment, "apparel" in 1 Peter 3:3. The word is not in the original in the next verse, but is supplied in English to complete the sentence. See CLOTHING No. 2, GARMENT, RAIMENT, ROBE.

[ 3,,G2441, himatismos ]
a collective word, is translated "apparelled" in Luke 7:25, and preceded by en, "in," lit., "in apparel." See CLOTHING, No. 4, RAIMENT, VESTURE.

[ 4,,G2689, katastole ]
connected with katastello, "to send or let down, to lower" (kata, "down," stello, "to send"), was primarily a garment let down; hence, "dress, attire," in general (cp. stole, a loose outer garment worn by kings and persons of rank, Eng., "stole"); 1 Timothy 2:9, "apparel." See CLOTHING.

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