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Psalms 91:1-16

  1 H3427 [H8802] He that dwelleth H5643 in the secret H5945 place of the most High H3885 [H8698] shall abide H6738 under the shadow H7706 of the Almighty.
  2 H559 [H8799] I will say H3068 of the LORD H4268 , He is my refuge H4686 and my fortress H430 : my God H982 [H8799] ; in him will I trust.
  3 H5337 [H8686] Surely he shall deliver H6341 thee from the snare H3353 of the fowler H1942 , and from the perilous H1698 pestilence.
  4 H5526 [H8686] He shall cover H84 thee with his feathers H3671 , and under his wings H2620 [H8799] shalt thou trust H571 : his truth H6793 shall be thy shield H5507 and buckler.
  5 H3372 [H8799] Thou shalt not be afraid H6343 for the terror H3915 by night H2671 ; nor for the arrow H5774 [H8799] that flieth H3119 by day;
  6 H1698 Nor for the pestilence H1980 [H8799] that walketh H652 in darkness H6986 ; nor for the destruction H7736 [H8799] that wasteth H6672 at noonday.
  7 H505 A thousand H5307 [H8799] shall fall H6654 at thy side H7233 , and ten thousand H3225 at thy right hand H5066 [H8799] ; but it shall not come near thee.
  8 H5869 Only with thy eyes H5027 [H8686] shalt thou behold H7200 [H8799] and see H8011 the reward H7563 of the wicked.
  9 H7760 [H8804] Because thou hast made H3068 the LORD H4268 , who is my refuge H5945 , even the most High H4583 , thy habitation;
  10 H7451 There shall no evil H579 [H8792] befall H5061 thee, neither shall any plague H7126 [H8799] come near H168 thy dwelling.
  11 H4397 For he shall give his angels H6680 [H8762] charge H8104 [H8800] over thee, to keep H1870 thee in all thy ways.
  12 H5375 [H8799] They shall bear thee up H3709 in their hands H5062 [H8799] , lest thou dash H7272 thy foot H68 against a stone.
  13 H1869 [H8799] Thou shalt tread H7826 upon the lion H6620 and adder H3715 : the young lion H8577 and the dragon H7429 [H8799] shalt thou trample under feet.
  14 H2836 [H8804] Because he hath set his love H6403 [H8762] upon me, therefore will I deliver H7682 [H8762] him: I will set him on high H3045 [H8804] , because he hath known H8034 my name.
  15 H7121 [H8799] He shall call H6030 [H8799] upon me, and I will answer H6869 him: I will be with him in trouble H2502 [H8762] ; I will deliver H3513 [H8762] him, and honour him.
  16 H753 With long H3117 life H7646 [H8686] will I satisfy H7200 [H8686] him, and show H3444 him my salvation.

John 14:26

  26 G1161 { But G3875 the Comforter G40 , who is the Holy G4151 Spirit G3739 , whom G3962 the Father G3992 [G5692] will send G1722 in G3450 my G3686 name G1565 , he G1321 [G5692] shall teach G5209 you G3956 all things G2532 , and G5279 0 bring G3956 all things G5279 0 to G5209 your G5279 [G5692] remembrance G3739 , whatever G2036 [G5627] I have said G5213 to you.}

1 John 3:9

  9 G3956 Whoever G1080 [G5772] is born G1537 of G2316 God G4160 [G5719] doth G3756 not G266 commit sin G3754 ; for G846 his G4690 seed G3306 [G5719] remaineth G1722 in G846 him G2532 : and G3756 G1410 [G5736] he cannot G264 [G5721] sin G3754 , because G1080 [G5769] he is born G1537 of G2316 God.

Psalms 121:3-8

  3 H5414 [H8799] He will not allow H7272 thy foot H4132 to be moved H8104 [H8802] : he that keepeth H5123 [H8799] thee will not slumber.
  4 H8104 [H8802] Behold, he that keepeth H3478 Israel H5123 [H8799] shall neither slumber H3462 [H8799] nor sleep.
  5 H3068 The LORD H8104 [H8802] is thy keeper H3068 : the LORD H6738 is thy shade H3225 upon thy right H3027 hand.
  6 H8121 The sun H5221 [H8686] shall not smite H3119 thee by day H3394 , nor the moon H3915 by night.
  7 H3068 The LORD H8104 [H8799] shall preserve H7451 thee from all evil H8104 [H8799] : he shall preserve H5315 thy soul.
  8 H3068 The LORD H8104 [H8799] shall preserve H3318 [H8800] thy going out H935 [H8800] and thy coming in H5704 from this time forth, and even for H5769 evermore.

Hebrews 11:6

  6 G1161 But G5565 without G4102 faith G102 it is impossible G2100 [G5658] to please G1063 him: for G4334 [G5740] he that cometh G2316 to God G1163 [G5748] must G4100 [G5658] believe G3754 that G2076 [G5748] he is G2532 , and G1096 [G5736] that he is G3406 a rewarder G1567 [G5723] of them that diligently seek G846 him.

Hebrews 10:35

  35 G577 0 Cast G3361 not G577 [G5632] away G3767 therefore G5216 your G3954 confidence G3748 , which G2192 [G5719] hath G3173 great G3405 recompence of reward.

Psalms 55:22

  22 H7993 [H8685] Cast H3053 thy burden H3068 upon the LORD H3557 [H8770] , and he shall sustain H5769 thee: he shall never H5414 [H8799] allow H6662 the righteous H4131 [H8800] to be moved.

Proverbs 3:5-6

  5 H982 [H8798] Trust H3068 in the LORD H3820 with all thy heart H8172 [H8735] ; and lean H998 not to thy own understanding.
  6 H1870 In all thy ways H3045 [H8798] acknowledge H3474 [H8762] him, and he shall direct H734 thy paths.

Jeremiah 29:11

  11 H3045 [H8804] For I know H4284 the thoughts H2803 [H8802] that I think H5002 [H8803] toward you, saith H3068 the LORD H4284 , thoughts H7965 of peace H7451 , and not of evil H5414 [H8800] , to give H8615 you an expected H319 end.

Matthew 6:25-34

  25 G1223 G5124 { Therefore G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you G3361 , Be not G3309 [G5720] anxious G5216 for your G5590 life G5101 , what G5315 [G5632] ye shall eat G2532 , or G5101 what G4095 [G5632] ye shall drink G3366 ; nor yet for G5216 your G4983 body G5101 , what G1746 [G5672] ye shall put on G2076 [G5748] . Is G3780 not G5590 the life G4119 more than G5160 food G2532 , and G4983 the body G1742 than raiment?}
  26 G1689 G1519 [G5657] { Behold G4071 the fowls G3772 of the air G3754 : for G4687 [G5719] they sow G3756 not G3761 , neither G2325 [G5719] do they reap G3761 , nor G4863 [G5719] gather G1519 into G596 barns G2532 ; yet G5216 your G3770 heavenly G3962 Father G5142 [G5719] feedeth G846 them G1308 0 . Are G5210 ye G3756 not G3123 much G1308 [G5719] better than G846 they?}
  27 G1161 { G1537 G5101 Which G5216 of you G3309 [G5723] by being anxious G1410 [G5736] can G4369 [G5629] add G1520 one G4083 cubit G1909 to G846 his G2244 stature?}
  28 G2532 { And G5101 why G3309 [G5720] are ye anxious G4012 for G1742 raiment G2648 [G5628] ? Consider G2918 the lilies G68 of the field G4459 , how G837 [G5719] they grow G2872 [G5719] ; they toil G3756 not G3761 , neither G3514 [G5719] do they spin:}
  29 G1161 { And yet G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you G3754 , That G3761 0 even G4672 Solomon G1722 in G3956 all G846 his G1391 glory G4016 0 was G3761 not G4016 [G5639] arrayed G5613 like G1520 one G5130 of these.}
  30 G1161 { Therefore G1487 , if G2316 God G3779 so G294 [G5719] clotheth G5528 the grass G68 of the field G4594 , which to day G5607 [G5752] is G2532 , and G839 to morrow G906 [G5746] is cast G1519 into G2823 the oven G3756 , shall he not G4183 much G3123 more G5209 clothe you G3640 , O ye of little faith?}
  31 G3767 { Therefore G3361 be not G3309 [G5661] anxious G3004 [G5723] , saying G5101 , What G5315 [G5632] shall we eat G2228 ? or G5101 , What G4095 [G5632] shall we drink G2228 ? or G5101 , With what G4016 [G5643] shall we be clothed?}
  32 G1063 { (For G1934 0 after G3956 all G5023 these things G1484 do the nations G1934 [G5719] seek G1063 :) for G5216 your G3770 heavenly G3962 Father G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3754 that G5535 [G5719] ye have need G537 of all G5130 these things.}
  33 G1161 { But G2212 [G5720] seek ye G4412 first G932 the kingdom G2316 of God G2532 , and G846 his G1343 righteousness G2532 ; and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 [G5701] shall be added G5213 to you.}
  34 G3767 { Therefore G3361 be not G3309 [G5661] anxious G1519 for G839 to morrow G1063 : for G839 to morrow G3309 [G5692] will be anxious G3588 for the things G1438 of itself G713 . Sufficient G2250 to the day G846 is its own G2549 evil.}

1 Peter 5:7

  7 G1977 [G5660] Casting G3956 all G5216 your G3308 care G1909 upon G846 him G3754 ; for G846 he G3199 [G5719] careth G4012 for G5216 you.

Philippians 4:6-7

  6 G3309 [G5720] Be anxious G3367 for nothing G235 ; but G1722 in G3956 every thing G4335 by prayer G2532 and G1162 supplication G3326 with G2169 thanksgiving G1107 0 let G5216 your G155 requests G1107 [G5744] be made known G4314 to G2316 God.
  7 G2532 And G1515 the peace G2316 of God G3588 , which G5242 [G5723] passeth G3956 all G3563 understanding G5432 [G5692] , shall keep G5216 your G2588 hearts G2532 and G5216 G3540 minds G1722 through G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus.

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