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Daniel 9:24-27

  24 H7657 Seventy H7620 weeks H2852 [H8738] are determined H5971 upon thy people H6944 and upon thy holy H5892 city, H3607 [H8763] to finish H6588 the revolt, H8552 H2856 [H8687] and to make an end H2403 of sins, H3722 [H8763] and to make reconciliation H5771 for perversity, H935 [H8687] and to bring in H5769 everlasting H6664 righteousness, H2856 [H8800] and to seal up H2377 the vision H5030 and prophecy, H4886 [H8800] and to anoint H6944 the most H6944 Holy.
  25 H3045 [H8799] Know H7919 [H8686] therefore and understand, H4161 that from the going forth H1697 of the commandment H7725 [H8687] to restore H1129 [H8800] and to build H3389 Jerusalem H4899 to the Messiah H5057 the Prince H7651 shall be seven H7620 weeks, H8346 and sixty H8147 and two H7620 weeks: H7339 the street H1129 [H8738] shall be built H7725 [H8799] again, H2742 and the wall, H6695 even in troublous H6256 times.
  26 H310 And after H8346 sixty H8147 and two H7620 weeks H4899 shall Messiah H3772 [H8735] be cut off, H5971 but not for himself: and the people H5057 of the prince H935 [H8802] that shall come H7843 [H8686] shall decay H5892 the city H6944 and the sanctuary; H7093 and its end H7858 shall be with a flood, H7093 and to the end H4421 of the war H8074 [H8802] desolations H2782 [H8737] are determined.
  27 H1396 [H8689] And he shall confirm H1285 the covenant H7227 with many H259 for one H7620 week: H2677 and in the midst H7620 of the week H2077 he shall cause the sacrifice H4503 and the oblation H7673 [H8686] to cease, H3671 and for the overspreading H8251 of abominations H8074 [H8789] he shall make it desolate, H3617 even until the consummation, H2782 [H8737] and that determined H5413 [H8799] shall be poured H8074 [H8802] upon the desolate.

Revelation 1:1-20

  1 G602 The Revelation G2424 of Jesus G5547 Anointed, G3739 which G2316 God G1325 [G5656] gave G846 to him, G1166 [G5658] to show G846 to his G1401 slaves G3739 things which G1163 [G5748] must G1722 G5034 shortly G1096 [G5635] come to pass; G2532 and G649 [G5660] he sent G4591 [G5656] and signified G1223 it by G846 his G32 messenger G846 to his G1401 slave G2491 John:
  2 G3739 Who G3140 [G5656] bore witness G3056 of the word G2316 of God, G2532 and G3141 of the testimony G2424 of Jesus G5547 Anointed, G5037 and G3745 of all things G1492 [G5627] that he saw.
  3 G3107 Blessed G314 [G5723] is he that readeth, G2532 and G191 [G5723] they that hear G3056 the words G4394 of this prophecy, G2532 and G5083 [G5723] keep G1125 [G5772] those things which are written G1722 in G846 it: G1063 for G3588 the G2540 season G1451 is nigh.
  4 G2491 John G2033 to the seven G1577 congregations G3588 which G1722 are in G773 Asia: G5485 Grace G5213 be to you, G2532 and G1515 peace, G575 from G3588 him who G5607 G3801 0 [G5752] is, G2532 and G3588 who G2258 G3801 0 [G5713] was, G2532 and G3588 who G2064 G3801 [G5740] is to come; G2532 and G575 from G2033 the seven G4151 Spirits G3739 who G2076 [G5748] are G1799 before G846 his G2362 throne;

Revelation 1:6-20

  6 G2532 And G4160 [G5656] hath made G2248 us G935 a kingdom, G2409 priests G2316 to God G2532 and G846 his G3962 Father; G846 to him G3588 be the G1391 glory G2532 and G2904 might G1519 into G3588 the G165 ages G3588 of the G165 ages. G281 Amen.
  7 G2400 [G5628] Behold, G2064 [G5736] he cometh G3326 with G3507 clouds; G2532 and G3956 every G3788 eye G3700 [G5695] shall see G846 him, G2532 and G3748 they also who G1574 [G5656] pierced G846 him: G2532 and G3956 all G5443 kindreds G1093 of the earth G2875 [G5695] shall wail G1909 because G846 of him. G3483 Even so, G281 Amen.
  8 G1473 { I G1510 [G5748] am G1 Alpha G2532 and G5598 Omega, G746 the beginning G2532 and G5056 the ending, G3004 [G5719] } saith G2962 the Lord, G3588 { who G5607 G3801 0 [G5752] is, G2532 and G3588 who G2258 G3801 0 [G5713] was, G2532 and G3588 who G2064 G3801 [G5740] is to come, G3841 the Almighty.}

Revelation 1:10-20

  10 G1096 [G5633] I was G1722 in G4151 the Spirit G1722 on G2960 the Lord's G2250 day, G2532 and G191 [G5656] heard G3694 behind G3450 me G3173 a great G5456 voice, G5613 as G4536 of a trumpet,

Revelation 1:5-20

  5 G2532 And G575 from G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed, G3588 who is the G4103 faithful G3588   G3144 witness, G3588 and the G4416 first begotten G1537 of G3588 the G3498 dead ones, G2532 and G3588 the G758 ruler G3588 of the G935 kings G3588 of the G1093 earth. G3588 To the one G25 [G5660] loving G2248 us, G2532 and G3068 [G5660] bathing G2248 us G575 from G3588   G2257 our G266 sins G1722 in G3588   G846 his own G129 blood,

Revelation 1:9-20

  9 G1473 I G2491 John, G3588 who G2532 also G5216 am your G80 brother, G2532 and G4791 companion G1722 in G2347 tribulation, G2532 and G1722 in G932 the kingdom G2532 and G5281 patience G2424 of Jesus G5547 Anointed, G1096 [G5633] was G1722 in G3520 the isle G2564 [G5746] that is called G3963 Patmos, G1223 for G3056 the word G2316 of God, G2532 and G1223 for G3141 the testimony G2424 of Jesus G5547 Anointed.

Revelation 1:11-20

  11 G3004 [G5723] Saying, G1473 { I G1510 [G5748] am G1 Alpha G2532 and G5598 Omega, G4413 the first G2532 and G2078 the last: G2532 and, G3739 What G991 [G5719] thou seest, G1125 [G5657] write G1519 in G975 a book, G2532 and G3992 [G5657] send G2033 it to the seven G1577 congregations G3588 which G1722 are in G773 Asia; G1519 to G2181 Ephesus, G2532 and G1519 to G4667 Smyrna, G2532 and G1519 to G4010 Pergamos, G2532 and G1519 to G2363 Thyatira, G2532 and G1519 to G4554 Sardis, G2532 and G1519 to G5359 Philadelphia, G2532 and G1519 to G2993 Laodicea.}
  12 G2532 And G1994 [G5656] I turned G991 [G5721] to see G5456 the voice G3748 that G2980 [G5656] spoke G3326 with G1700 me. G2532 And G1994 [G5660] having turned, G1492 [G5627] I saw G2033 seven G5552 golden G3087 lampstands;
  13 G2532 And G1722 in G3319 the midst G2033 of the seven G3087 lampstands G3664 one like G5207 the Son G444 of man, G1746 [G5765] clothed with a garment G4158 down to the foot, G2532 and G4024 [G5772] girt G4314 about G3149 the breasts G5552 with a golden G2223 band.
  14 G1161   G846 His G2776 head G2532 and G2359 his hairs G3022 were white G5616 like G2053 wool, G3022 as white G5613 as G5510 snow; G2532 and G846 his G3788 eyes G5613 were as G5395 a flame G4442 of fire;
  15 G2532 And G846 his G4228 feet G3664 like G5474 fine brass, G5613 as G4448 [G5772] if they burned G1722 in G2575 a furnace; G2532 and G846 his G5456 voice G5613 as G5456 the sound G4183 of many G5204 waters.
  16 G2532 And G2192 [G5723] he had G1722 in G846 his G1188 right G5495 hand G2033 seven G792 stars: G2532 and G1537 out of G846 his G4750 mouth G1607 [G5740] went G3691 a sharp G1366 twoedged G4501 broadsword: G2532 and G846 his G3799 countenance G5613 was as G2246 the sun G5316 [G5719] shineth G1722 in G846 his G1411 power.
  17 G2532 And G3753 when G1492 [G5627] I saw G846 him, G4098 [G5627] I fell G4314 at G846 his G4228 feet G5613 as G3498 dead. G2532 And G2007 [G5656] he laid G846 his G1188 right G5495 hand G1909 upon G1691 me, G3004 [G5723] saying G3427 to me, G5399 [G5737] { Fear G3361 not; G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G4413 the first G2532 and G2078 the last:}
  18 G2532 { And G2198 [G5723] I am he that liveth, G2532 and G1096 [G5633] was G3498 dead; G2532 and, G2400 [G5628] behold, G1510 [G5748] I am G2198 [G5723] alive G1519 into G3588 the G165 ages G3588 of the G165 ages, G281 Amen; G2532 and G2192 [G5719] have G2807 the keys G86 of grave G2532 and G2288 of death.}
  19 G1125 [G5657] { Write G3739 the things which G1492 [G5627] thou hast seen, G2532 and G3739 the things which G1526 [G5748] are, G2532 and G3739 the things which G3195 [G5719] shall G1096 [G5738] be G3326 after G5023 this;}
  20 G3588 { The G3466 mystery G3588 of the G2033 seven G792 stars G3739 which G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G1909 in G3450 my G1188 right hand, G2532 and G3588 the G2033 seven G5552 golden G3087 lampstands. G3588 The G2033 seven G792 stars G1526 [G5748] are G3588 the G32 messengers G3588 of the G2033 seven G1577 congregations: G2532 and G2033 the seven G3087 lampstands G3739 which G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G1526 [G5748] are G2033 the seven G1577 congregations.}

Psalms 109:1-31

  1 H2790 [H8799] Hold not thy peace, H430 O God H8416 of my praise;
  2 H6310 For the mouth H7563 of the wicked H6310 and the mouth H4820 of the deceitful H6605 [H8804] are opened H1696 [H8765] against me: they have spoken H8267 against me with a lying H3956 tongue.
  3 H5437 [H8804] They surrounded H1697 me also with words H8135 of hatred; H3898 [H8735] and fought H2600 against me without a cause.
  4 H160 For my love H7853 [H8799] they are my adversaries: H8605 but I give myself to prayer.
  5 H7760 [H8799] And they have rewarded H7451 me evil H2896 for good, H8135 and hatred H160 for my love.
  6 H6485 [H8685] Set H7563 thou a wicked man H7854 over him: and let Satan H5975 [H8799] stand H3225 at his right hand.
  7 H8199 [H8736] When he shall be judged, H3318 [H8799] let him be H7563 condemned: H8605 and let his prayer H2401 become sin.
  8 H3117 Let his days H4592 be few; H312 and let another H3947 [H8799] take H6486 his overseership.
  9 H1121 Let his sons H3490 be fatherless, H802 and his wife H490 a widow.
  10 H1121 Let his sons H5128 [H8800] be continually H5128 [H8799] vagabonds, H7592 [H8765] and beg: H1875 [H8804] let them seek H9006 from H9028 their H2723 dry places.
  11 H5383 [H8802] Let the extortioner H5367 [H8762] catch H2114 [H8801] all that he hath; and let strangers H962 [H8799] spoil H3018 his labour.
  12 H4900 [H8802] Let there be none to extend H2617 mercy H2603 [H8802] to him: neither let there be any to favour H3490 his fatherless children.
  13 H319 Let his posterity H3772 [H8687] be cut off; H1755 and in the generation H312 following H8034 let their name H4229 [H8735] be blotted out.
  14 H5771 Let the perversity H1 of his fathers H2142 [H8735] be remembered H3068 with the LORD; H2403 and let not the sin H517 of his mother H4229 [H8735] be blotted out.
  15 H3068 Let them be before the LORD H8548 continually, H3772 [H8686] that he may cut off H2143 the memory H776 of them from the earth.
  16 H2142 [H8804] Because that he remembered H6213 [H8800] not to show H2617 mercy, H7291 [H8799] but persecuted H6041 the poor H34 and needy H376 man, H4191 [H8788] that he might even slay H3512 [H8737] the broken H3824 in heart.
  17 H157 [H8799] As he loved H7045 cursing, H935 [H8799] so let it come H2654 [H8804] to him: as he delighted H1293 not in blessing, H7368 [H8799] so let it be far from him.
  18 H3847 [H8799] As he clothed H7045 himself with cursing H4055 like as with his garment, H935 [H8799] so let it come H7130 into his bowels H4325 like water, H8081 and like oil H6106 into his bones.
  19 H899 Let it be to him as the garment H5844 [H8799] which covereth H4206 him, and for a belt H2296 [H8799] with which he is girded H8548 continually.
  20 H6468 Let this be the reward H7853 [H8802] of my adversaries H3068 from the LORD, H1696 [H8802] and of them that speak H7451 evil H5315 against my breath.
  21 H6213 [H8798] But do H3069 thou for me, O LORD H136 the Sovereign, H8034 for thy name's H2617 sake: because thy mercy H2896 is good, H5337 [H8685] deliver thou me.
  22 H6041 For I am poor H34 and needy, H3820 and my heart H2490 [H8804] is wounded H7130 within me.
  23 H1980 [H8738] I am gone H6738 like the shadow H5186 [H8800] when it declineth: H5287 [H8738] I am tossed up and down H697 as the locust.
  24 H1290 My knees H3782 [H8804] are weak H6685 through fasting; H1320 and my flesh H3584 [H8804] faileth H8081 of fatness.
  25 H2781 I became also a reproach H7200 [H8799] to them: when they looked H5128 [H8686] upon me they shook H7218 their heads.
  26 H5826 [H8798] Help H3068 me, O LORD H430 my God: H3467 [H8685] O liberate H2617 me according to thy mercy:
  27 H3045 [H8799] That they may know H3027 that this is thine hand; H3068 that thou, LORD, H6213 [H8804] hast done it.
  28 H7043 [H8762] Let them curse, H1288 [H8762] but bless H6965 [H8804] thou: when they arise, H954 [H8799] let them be pale; H5650 but let thy servant H8055 [H8799] rejoice.
  29 H7853 [H8802] Let my adversaries H3847 [H8799] be clothed H3639 with disgrace, H5844 [H8799] and let them cover H1322 themselves with their own shame, H4598 as with a mantle.
  30 H3966 I will greatly H3034 [H8686] praise H3068 the LORD H6310 with my mouth; H1984 [H8762] yea, I will praise H8432 him among H7227 the multitude.
  31 H5975 [H8799] For he shall stand H3225 at the right hand H34 of the poor, H3467 [H8687] to liberate H8199 [H8802] him from those that condemn H5315 his breath.

Proverbs 6:12-15

  12 H1100 A worthless H120 person, H205 a panting H376 man, H1980 [H8802] walketh H6143 with a perverse H6310 mouth.
  13 H7169 [H8802] He winketh H5869 with his eyes, H4448 [H8802] he speaketh H7272 with his feet, H3384 [H8688] he teacheth H676 with his fingers;
  14 H8419 Perverseness H3820 is in his heart, H2790 [H8802] he deviseth H7451 evil H6256 continually; H7971 [H8762] he soweth H4066 H4090 [H8675] discord.
  15 H343 Therefore shall his calamity H935 [H8799] come H6597 suddenly; H6621 suddenly H7665 [H8735] shall he be broken H4832 without remedy.

Proverbs 22:24-25

  24 H7462 [H8691] Make no friendship H639 with an angry H1167 man; H2534 and with a hotly angry H376 man H935 [H8799] thou shalt not go:
  25 H502 [H8799] Lest thou learn H734 his ways, H3947 [H8804] and get H4170 a snare H5315 to thy breath.

Isaiah 1:1-31

  1 H2377 The vision H3470 of Isaiah H1121 the son H531 of Amoz, H2372 [H8804] which he envisioned H3063 concerning Judah H3389 and Jerusalem H3117 in the days H5818 of Uzziah, H3147 Jotham, H271 Ahaz, H3169 and Hezekiah, H4428 kings H3063 of Judah.
  2 H8085 [H8798] Hear, H8064 O heavens, H238 [H8685] and give ear, H776 O earth: H3068 for the LORD H1696 [H8765] hath spoken, H1431 [H8765] I have nourished H7311 [H8790] and brought up H1121 sons, H6586 [H8804] and they have rebelled against me.
  3 H7794 The ox H3045 [H8804] knoweth H7069 [H8802] his owner, H2543 and the donkey H1167 his master's H18 crib: H3478 but Israel H3045 [H8804] doth not know, H5971 my people H995 [H8712] doth not consider.
  4 H1945 Ah H2398 [H8802] sinful H1471 nation, H5971 a people H3515 laden H5771 with perversity, H2233 a seed H7489 [H8688] of evildoers, H1121 sons H7843 [H8688] that are decayers: H5800 H853 [H8804] they have forsaken H3068 the LORD, H5006 H853 [H8765] they have scorned H6918 the Holy One H3478 of Israel, H2114 [H8738] they are estranged H268 backward.
  5 H5221 [H8714] Why should ye be stricken H5627 any more? ye will revolt H3254 [H8686] more and more: H7218 the whole head H2483 is sick, H3824 and the whole heart H1742 faint.
  6 H3709 From the sole H7272 of the foot H7218 even to the head H4974 there is no soundness H6482 in it; but wounds, H2250 and bruises, H2961 and putrifying H4347 sores: H2115 [H8804] they have not been closed, H2280 [H8795] neither bound up, H7401 [H8795] neither mollified H8081 with ointment.
  7 H776 Your land H8077 is desolate, H5892 your cities H8313 [H8803] are burned H784 with fire: H127 your soil, H2114 [H8801] strangers H398 [H8802] devour H8077 it in your presence, and it is desolate, H4114 as overthrown H2114 [H8801] by strangers.
  8 H1323 And the daughter H6726 of Zion H3498 [H8738] is left H5521 as a booth H3754 in a vineyard, H4412 as a lodge H4750 in a garden of cucumbers, H5341 [H8803] as a besieged H5892 city.
  9 H3884 Except H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H3498 [H8689] had left H4592 to us a very small H8300 remnant, H1961 [H8804] we should have been H5467 as Sodom, H1819 [H8804] we should have been like H6017 Gomorrah.
  10 H8085 [H8798] Hear H1697 the word H3068 of the LORD, H7101 ye rulers H5467 of Sodom; H238 [H8685] give ear H8451 to the law H430 of our God, H5971 ye people H6017 of Gomorrah.
  11 H4100 To what H7230 purpose is the abundance H2077 of your sacrifices H559 [H8799] to me? saith H3068 the LORD: H7646 [H8804] I am full H5930 of the burnt offerings H352 of rams, H2459 and the fat H4806 of fed beasts; H2654 [H8804] and I delight H1818 not in the blood H6499 of bulls, H3532 or of lambs, H6260 or of male goats.
  12 H935 [H8799] When ye come H7200 [H8736] to appear H6440 at the face of H1245 [H8765] me, who hath required H3027 this at your hand, H7429 [H8800] to tread H2691 my courts?
  13 H935 [H8687] Bring H3254 [H8686] no more H7723 vain H4503 oblations; H7004 incense H8441 is an abomination H2320 to me; the new moons H7676 and sabbaths, H7121 [H8800] the calling H4744 of assemblies, H3201 [H8799] I cannot endure; H205 it is nothingness, H6116 even the solemn meeting.
  14 H2320 Your new moons H4150 and your appointed feasts H5315 my breath H8130 [H8804] hateth: H2960 they are a trouble H3811 [H8738] to me; I am weary H5375 [H8800] of bearing them.
  15 H6566 [H8763] And when ye spread forth H3709 your palms, H5956 [H8686] I will hide H5869 my eyes H7235 [H8686] from you: yea, when ye make many H8605 prayers, H8085 [H8802] I will not hear: H3027 your hands H4390 [H8804] are full H1818 of blood.
  16 H7364 [H8798] Wash H2135 [H8690] yourselves, make yourselves clean; H5493 [H8685] put away H7455 the evil H4611 of your doings H5048 from before H5869 my eyes; H2308 [H8798] cease H7489 [H8687] to do evil;
  17 H3925 [H8798] Learn H3190 [H8687] to do well; H1875 [H8798] seek H4941 judgment, H833 [H8761] relieve H2541 the oppressed, H8199 [H8798] judge H3490 the fatherless, H7378 [H8798] plead H490 for the widow.
  18 H3212 [H8798] Come now, H3198 [H8735] and let us reason together, H559 [H8799] saith H3068 the LORD: H2399 though your sins H8144 be as scarlet, H3835 [H8686] they shall be as white H7950 as snow; H119 [H8686] though they be red H8438 like crimson, H6785 they shall be as wool.
  19 H14 [H8799] If ye are willing H8085 [H8804] and obedient, H398 [H8799] ye shall eat H2898 the good H776 of the land:
  20 H3985 [H8762] But if ye refuse H4784 [H8804] and rebel, H398 [H8792] ye shall be devoured H2719 with the sword: H6310 for the mouth H3068 of the LORD H1696 [H8765] hath spoken it.
  21 H539 [H8737] How is the faithful H7151 city H2181 [H8802] become an harlot! H4392 it was full H4941 of judgment; H6664 righteousness H3885 [H8799] lodged H7523 [H8764] in it; but now murderers.
  22 H3701 Thy silver H5509 is become dross, H5435 thy wine H4107 [H8803] mixed H4325 with water:
  23 H8269 Thy princes H5637 [H8802] are rebellious, H2270 and companions H1590 of thieves: H157 [H8802] every one loveth H7810 bribes, H7291 [H8802] and followeth H8021 after rewards: H8199 [H8799] they judge H3490 not the fatherless, H7379 neither doth the cause H490 of the widow H935 [H8799] come to them.
  24 H5002 [H8803] Therefore saith H113 the Sovereign, H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H46 the mighty One H3478 of Israel, H1945 Ah, H5162 [H8735] I will rid H6862 myself of my constricters, H5358 [H8735] and avenge H341 [H8802] me of my enemies:
  25 H7725 [H8686] And I will turn H3027 my hand H1253 upon thee, and thoroughly H6884 [H8799] refine away H5509 thy dross, H5493 [H8686] and take away H913 all thy tin:
  26 H7725 [H8686] And I will restore H8199 [H8802] thy judges H7223 as at the first, H3289 [H8802] and thy counsellors H8462 as at the beginning: H310 afterward H7121 [H8735] thou shalt be called, H5892 The city H6664 of righteousness, H539 [H8737] the faithful H7151 city.
  27 H6726 Zion H6299 [H8735] shall be ransomed H4941 with judgment, H7725 [H8802] and her converts H6666 with righteousness.
  28 H7667 And the fracturing H6586 [H8802] of the transgressors H2400 and of the sinners H3162 shall be together, H5800 [H8802] and they that forsake H3068 the LORD H3615 [H8799] shall be consumed.
  29 H954 [H8799] For they shall be pale H352 of the oaks H2530 [H8804] which ye have desired, H2659 [H8799] and ye shall be confounded H1593 for the gardens H977 [H8804] that ye have chosen.
  30 H424 For ye shall be as an oak H5929 whose leaf H5034 [H8802] fadeth, H1593 and as a garden H4325 that hath no water.
  31 H2634 And the strong H5296 shall be as a wick, H6467 and its maker H5213 as a spark, H8147 and they shall both H1197 [H8804] burn H3162 together, H3518 [H8764] and none shall quench them.

Matthew 6:22-23

  22 G3088 { The light G4983 of the body G2076 [G5748] is G3788 the eye: G1437 if G3767 therefore G4675 thine G3788 eye G5600 [G5753] may be G573 clear, G4675 thy G3650 whole G4983 body G2071 [G5704] shall be G5460 full of light.}
  23 G1161 { But G1437 if G4675 thine G3788 eye G5600 [G5753] may be G4190 evil, G4675 thy G3650 whole G4983 body G2071 [G5704] shall be G4652 full of darkness. G1487 If G3767 therefore G5457 the light G2076 [G5748] that is G1722 in G4671 thee G4655 is darkness, G4214 how great G4655 is that darkness!}

John 3:16-17

  16 G1063 { For G3779 thus G2316 God G25 [G5656] loved G3588 the G2889 world, G5620 that G1325 [G5656] he gave G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son, G2443 that G3956 every G3588 one G4100 [G5723] believing G1519 in G846 him G622 0 should G3361 not G622 [G5643] be lost, G235 but G2192 [G5725] have G166 age-during G2222 life.}
  17 G1063 { For G2316 God G649 [G5656] sent G3756 not G846 his G5207 Son G1519 into G2889 the world G2443 to G2919 [G5725] judge G2889 the world; G235 but G2443 that G2889 the world G1223 through G846 him G4982 [G5686] may be saved.}

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28

  1 G1161 But G4012 of G5550 the times G2532 and G2540 the seasons, G80 brethren, G2192 [G5719] ye have G3756 no G5532 need G1125 [G5745] that I write G5213 to you.
  2 G1063 For G846 you yourselves G1492 [G5758] know G199 exactly G3754 that G3588 the G2250 day G2962 of the Lord G3779 so G2064 [G5736] cometh G5613 as G2812 a thief G1722 in G3571 the night.
  3 G1063 For G3752 when G3004 [G5725] they shall say, G1515 Peace G2532 and G803 safety; G5119 then G160 unexpected G3639 destruction G2186 [G5731] doth stand by G846 them, G5618 as G5604 pangs G1722 in G1064 G2192 [G5723] a woman with child; G2532 and G1628 0 they shall G3364 not G1628 [G5632] escape.
  4 G1161 But G5210 ye, G80 brethren, G2075 [G5748] are G3756 not G1722 in G4655 darkness, G2443 that G2250 that day G2638 [G5632] should overtake G5209 you G5613 as G2812 a thief.
  5 G5210 Ye G2075 [G5748] are G3956 all G5207 sons G5457 of light, G2532 and G5207 sons G2250 of the day: G2070 [G5748] we are G3756 not G3571 of the night, G3761 nor G4655 of darkness.
  6 G686 G3767 Therefore G2518 0 let us G3361 not G2518 [G5725] sleep, G5613 G2532 as G3062 do others; G235 but G1127 [G5725] let us watch G2532 and G3525 [G5725] be sober.
  7 G1063 For G2518 [G5723] they that sleep G2518 [G5719] sleep G3571 in the night; G2532 and G3182 [G5746] they that get drunk G3184 [G5719] are drunk G3571 in the night.
  8 G1161 But G3525 0 let G2249 us, G5607 [G5752] who are G2250 of the day, G3525 [G5725] be sober, G1746 [G5671] putting on G2382 the breastplate G4102 of faith G2532 and G26 love; G2532 and G4030 for an helmet, G1680 the hope G4991 of salvation.
  9 G3754 For G2316 God G5087 0 hath G3756 not G5087 [G5639] appointed G2248 us G1519 to G3709 wrath, G235 but G1519 to G4047 the procurement G4991 of salvation G1223 by G2257 our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed,
  10 G3588 Who G599 [G5631] died G5228 for G2257 us, G2443 that, G1535 whether G1127 [G5725] we wake G1535 or G2518 [G5725] sleep, G2198 [G5661] we should live G260 together G4862 with G846 him.
  11 G1352 Therefore G3870 [G5720] comfort G240 yourselves together, G2532 and G3618 [G5720] edify G1520 one G1520 another, G2531 even G2532 as also G4160 [G5719] ye do.
  12 G1161 And G2065 [G5719] we beseech G5209 you, G80 brethren, G1492 [G5760] to know G3588 the ones G2872 [G5723] wearying in labour G1722 among G5213 you, G2532 and G4291 [G5734] are over G5216 you G1722 in G2962 the Lord, G2532 and G3560 [G5723] admonishing G5209 you;
  13 G2532 And G2233 [G5738] to esteem G846 them G5228 very G1537 G4053 highly G1722 in G26 love G1223 for G846 their G2041 work's sake. G1514 [G5720] And be at peace G1722 among G1438 yourselves.
  14 G1161 Now G3870 [G5719] we exhort G5209 you, G80 brethren, G3560 [G5720] admonish G3588 them that G813 are unruly, G3888 [G5737] encourage G3588 the G3642 pusillanimous, G472 [G5737] hold fast G3588 the G772 weak, G3114 [G5720] be long-suffering G4314 toward G3956 all men.
  15 G3708 [G5720] See that G3361 not G5100 any man G591 [G5632] render G2556 bad G473 for G2556 bad G5100 to any man; G235 but G3842 always G1377 [G5720] pursue G3588 that which G18 is good, G2532 both G1519 unto G240 yourselves, G2532 and G1519 unto G3956 all men.
  16 G5463 [G5720] Rejoice G3842 always.
  17 G4336 [G5737] Pray G89 without ceasing.
  18 G1722 In G3956 every thing G2168 [G5720] give thanks: G1063 for G5124 this G2307 is the will G2316 of God G1722 in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus G1519 concerning G5209 you.
  19 G4570 [G5720] Quench G3361 not G4151 the Spirit.
  20 G1848 [G5720] Despise G3361 not G4394 prophesyings.
  21 G1381 [G5720] Prove G3956 all things; G2722 [G5720] hold fast G3588 to the G2570 good.
  22 G567 [G5732] Abstain G575 from G3956 all G1491 appearance G4190 of evil.
  23 G1161 And G846 the very G2316 God G1515 of peace G37 [G5659] sanctify G5209 you G3651 wholly; G2532 and G5216 I pray God your G3648 whole G4151 spirit G2532 and G5590 breath G2532 and G4983 body G5083 [G5684] may be preserved G274 blameless G1722 to G3952 the coming G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed.
  24 G4103 Faithful G2564 [G5723] is he that calleth G5209 you, G3739 who G2532 also G4160 [G5692] will do it.
  25 G80 Brethren, G4336 [G5737] pray G4012 for G2257 us.
  26 G782 [G5663] Greet G3956 all G80 the brethren G1722 with G40 an holy G5370 kiss.
  27 G3726 [G5719] I charge G5209 you G2962 by the Lord G1992 that this epistle G314 [G5683] be read G3956 to all G40 the holy G80 brethren.
  28 G5485 The grace G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed G3326 be with G5216 you. G281 Amen.

James 4:4

  4 G3432 Ye adulterers G2532 and G3428 adulteresses, G1492 [G5758] know ye G3756 not G3754 that G5373 the friendship G2889 of the world G2076 [G5748] is G2189 enmity G2316 with God? G3739 G302 whoever G3767 therefore G1511 G1014 [G5750] will be G5384 a friend G2889 of the world G2525 [G5743] is G2190 the enemy G2316 of God.

Revelation 2:15

  15 G3779 { So G2192 [G5719] hast G4771 thou G2532 also G2902 [G5723] them that hold G1322 the teaching G3531 of the Nicolaitans, G3739 which thing G3404 [G5719] I hate.}

Daniel 11:37

  37 H995 [H8799] Neither shall he regard H430 the God H1 of his fathers, H2532 nor the desire H802 of women, H995 [H8799] nor regard H433 any god: H1431 [H8691] for he shall magnify himself above all.

Revelation 14:1-20

  1 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I looked, G2532 and, G2400 [G5628] lo, G721 a Lamb G2476 [G5761] stood G1909 on G3588 the G3735 mount G4622 Zion, G2532 and G3326 with G846 him G1540 an hundred G5062 and forty G5064 and four G5505 thousand, G2192 [G5723] having G846 his G3686 name G2532 and G846 his G3962 Father's G3686 name G1125 [G5772] written G1909 in G846 their G3359 foreheads.
  2 G2532 And G191 [G5656] I heard G5456 a voice G1537 from G3772 heaven, G5613 as G5456 the voice G4183 of many G5204 waters, G2532 and G5613 as G5456 the voice G3173 of a great G1027 thunder: G2532 and G191 [G5656] I heard G5456 the voice G2790 of harpers G2789 [G5723] harping G1722 with G846 their G2788 harps:

Revelation 14:4-20

  4 G3778 These G1526 [G5748] are they G3739 who G3435 0 were G3756 not G3435 [G5681] sullied G3326 with G1135 women; G1063 for G1526 [G5748] they are G3933 virgins. G3778 These G1526 [G5748] are they G3588 who G190 [G5723] follow G721 the Lamb G3699 G302 wherever G5217 [G5725] he goeth. G3778 These G59 [G5681] were redeemed G575 from G444 among men, G536 being the firstfruits G2316 to God G2532 and G721 to the Lamb.
  5 G2532 And G1722 in G846 their G4750 mouth G2147 [G5681] was found G3756 no G1388 guile: G1063 for G1526 [G5748] they are G299 without fault G1799 before G2362 the throne G2316 of God.
  6 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I saw G243 another G32 messenger G4072 [G5740] fly G1722 in G3321 the midst of heaven, G2192 [G5723] having G166 the age-during G2098 good news, G2097 [G5658] to announce good news G2730 [G5723] to them that dwell G1909 on G3588 the G1093 earth, G2532 and G3956 to every G1484 nation, G2532 and G5443 kindred, G2532 and G1100 tongue, G2532 and G2992 people,

Revelation 14:3-20

  3 G2532 And G103 [G5719] they sung G5613 as it were G2537 a new G5603 song G1799 before G2362 the throne, G2532 and G1799 before G5064 the four G2226 living beings, G2532 and G4245 the elders: G2532 and G3762 no man G1410 [G5711] could G3129 [G5629] learn G5603 that song G1508 but G1540 the hundred G5062 and forty G5064 and four G5505 thousand, G3588 who G59 [G5772] were redeemed G575 from G1093 the earth.

Revelation 14:7-20

  7 G3004 [G5723] Saying G1722 with G3173 a loud G5456 voice, G5399 [G5676] Fear G2316 God, G2532 and G1325 [G5628] give G1391 glory G846 to him; G3754 for G3588 the G5610 hour G846 of his G2920 judgment G2064 [G5627] is come: G2532 and G4352 [G5657] worship G4160 [G5660] him that made G3588 the G3772 heaven, G2532 and G3588 the G1093 earth, G2532 and G3588 the G2281 sea, G2532 and G4077 the fountains G5204 of waters.
  8 G2532 And G190 [G5656] there followed G243 another G32 messenger, G3004 [G5723] saying, G897 Babylon G4098 [G5627] is fallen, G4098 [G5627] is fallen, G3173 that great G4172 city, G3754 because G4222 0 she made G3956 all G1484 nations G4222 [G5758] drink G1537 of G3631 the wine G2372 of the rage G846 of her G4202 fornication.
  9 G2532 And G5154 the third G32 messenger G190 [G5656] followed G846 them, G3004 [G5723] saying G1722 with G3173 a loud G5456 voice, G1536 If any man G4352 [G5719] worshippeth G2342 the beast G2532 and G846 his G1504 image, G2532 and G2983 [G5719] receiveth G5480 his mark G1909 in G846 his G3359 forehead, G2228 or G1909 in G846 his G5495 hand,
  10 G846 G2532 The same G4095 [G5695] shall drink G1537 of G3631 the wine G2372 of the rage G2316 of God, G3588 which G2767 [G5772] is poured out G194 without mixture G1722 into G4221 the cup G846 of his G3709 wrath; G2532 and G928 [G5701] he shall be tormented G1722 with G4442 fire G2532 and G2303 brimstone G1799 in the presence G40 of the holy G32 messengers, G2532 and G1799 in the presence G721 of the Lamb:
  11 G2532 And G3588 the G2586 smoke G3588   G846 of their G929 torment G305 [G5719] ascendeth up G1519 into G165 ages G165 of ages: G2532 and G2192 [G5719] they have G3756 no G372 rest G2250 day G2532 nor G3571 night, G3588 who G4352 [G5723] worship G3588 the G2342 beast G2532 and G846 his G1504 image, G2532 and G1536 whoever G2983 [G5719] receiveth G3588 the G5480 mark G846 of his G3686 name.
  12 G5602 Here G2076 [G5748] is G5281 the patience G40 of the holy ones: G5602 here G5083 [G5723] are they that keep G1785 the commandments G2316 of God, G2532 and G4102 the faith G2424 of Jesus.

Revelation 14:14-20

  14 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I looked, G2532 and G2400 [G5628] behold G3022 a white G3507 cloud, G2532 and G1909 upon G3507 the cloud G2521 [G5740] one sat G3664 like G5207 the Son G444 of man, G2192 [G5723] having G1909 on G846 his G2776 head G5552 a golden G4735 crown, G2532 and G1722 in G846 his G5495 hand G3691 a sharp G1407 sickle.

Revelation 14:16-20

  16 G2532 And G2521 [G5740] he that sat G1909 on G3507 the cloud G906 [G5627] thrust in G846 his G1407 sickle G1909 on G1093 the earth; G2532 and G1093 the earth G2325 [G5681] was reaped.
  17 G2532 And G243 another G32 messenger G1831 [G5627] came G1537 out of G3485 the inmost temple G3588 which G1722 is in G3772 heaven, G846 he G2532 also G2192 [G5723] having G3691 a sharp G1407 sickle.

Revelation 14:19-20

  19 G2532 And G32 the messenger G906 [G5627] thrust in G846 his G1407 sickle G1519 into G1093 the earth, G2532 and G5166 [G5656] gathered G288 the vine G1093 of the earth, G2532 and G906 [G5627] cast G1519 it into G3173 the great G3025 winepress G2372 of the rage G2316 of God.
  20 G2532 And G3588 the G3025 winepress G3961 [G5681] was trampled G1854 outside G3588 the G4172 city, G2532 and G129 blood G1831 [G5627] came G1537 out of G3588 the G3025 winepress, G891 even to G3588 the G2462 horses' G3588   G5469 bridles, G575 from G5507 a thousand G1812 and six hundred G4712 furlongs.

Revelation 14:13-20

  13 G2532 And G191 [G5656] I heard G5456 a voice G1537 from G3772 heaven G3004 [G5723] saying G3427 to me, G1125 [G5657] Write, G3107 Blessed G3498 are the dead G3588 who G599 [G5723] die G1722 in G2962 the Lord G534 from henceforth: G3483 Yea, G3004 [G5719] saith G4151 the Spirit, G2443 that G373 [G5672] they may rest G1537 from G846 their G2873 wearinesses; G1161 and G846 their G2041 works G190 G3326 [G5719] follow G846 them.

Revelation 14:15-20

  15 G2532 And G243 another G32 messenger G1831 [G5627] came G1537 from out of G3588 the G3485 inmost temple, G2896 [G5723] crying G1722 with G3173 a great G5456 voice G3588 to the one G2521 [G5740] sitting G1909 upon G3588 the G3507 cloud, G3992 [G5657] Thrust in G4675 thy G1407 sickle, G2532 and G2325 [G5657] reap: G3754 for G3588 the G5610 hour G2064 [G5627] is come G4671 for thee G2325 [G5658] to reap; G3754 for G3588 the G2326 harvest G3588 of the G1093 earth G3583 [G5681] is ripe.

Revelation 14:18-20

  18 G2532 And G243 another G32 messenger G1831 [G5627] came G1537 out G2379 from the altar, G2192 [G5723] who had G1849 authority G1909 over G4442 fire; G2532 and G5455 [G5656] cried G3173 with a loud G2906 cry G2192 [G5723] to him that had G3691 the sharp G1407 sickle, G3004 [G5723] saying, G3992 [G5657] Thrust in G4675 thy G3691 sharp G1407 sickle, G2532 and G5166 [G5657] gather G1009 the clusters G288 of the vine G1093 of the earth; G3754 for G846 her G4718 grapes G187 [G5656] are fully ripe.

Daniel 7:24

  24 H6236 And the ten H7162 horns H4481 out of H4437 this kingdom H6236 are ten H4430 kings H6966 [H8748] that shall arise: H321 and another H6966 [H8748] shall rise H311 after H8133 [H8748] them; and he shall be different H4481 from H6933 the first, H8214 [H8681] and he shall subdue H8532 three H4430 kings.

Revelation 13:1-18

  1 G2532 And G2476 [G5681] I stood G1909 upon G285 the sand G2281 of the sea, G2532 and G1492 [G5627] saw G2342 a beast G305 [G5723] rise G1537 out of G2281 the sea, G2192 [G5723] having G2033 seven G2776 heads G2532 and G1176 ten G2768 horns, G2532 and G1909 upon G846 his G2768 horns G1176 ten G1238 diadems, G2532 and G1909 upon G846 his G2776 heads G3686 the name G988 of blasphemy.
  2 G2532 And G2342 the beast G3739 which G1492 [G5627] I saw G2258 [G5713] was G3664 like G3917 a leopard, G2532 and G846 his G4228 feet G5613 were as G715 the feet of a bear, G2532 and G846 his G4750 mouth G5613 as G4750 the mouth G3023 of a lion: G2532 and G1404 the dragon G1325 [G5656] gave G846 him G846 his G1411 power, G2532 and G846 his G2362 throne, G2532 and G3173 great G1849 authority.
  3 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I saw G3391 one G846 of his G2776 heads G5613 as it were G4969 [G5772] having been slain G1519 to G2288 death; G2532 and G846 his G2288 deadly G4127 wound G2323 [G5681] was healed: G2532 and G3650 all G3588 the G1093 earth G2296 G2296 [G5681] wondered G3694 G1722 after G3588 the G2342 beast.
  4 G2532 And G4352 [G5656] they worshipped G1404 the dragon G3739 which G1325 [G5656] gave G1849 authority G2342 to the beast: G2532 and G4352 [G5656] they worshipped G2342 the beast, G3004 [G5723] saying, G5101 Who G3664 is like G2342 the beast? G5101 who G1410 [G5736] is able G4170 [G5658] to make war G3326 with G846 him?
  5 G2532 And G1325 [G5681] there was given G846 to him G4750 a mouth G2980 [G5723] speaking G3173 great things G2532 and G988 blasphemies; G2532 and G1849 authority G1325 [G5681] was given G846 to him G4160 [G5658] to continue G5062 forty G1417 and two G3376 months.
  6 G2532 And G455 [G5656] he opened G846 his G4750 mouth G1519 in G988 blasphemy G4314 against G2316 God, G987 [G5658] to blaspheme G846 his G3686 name, G2532 and G846 his G4633 tent, G2532 and G3588 the ones G4637 [G5723] encamping G1722 in G3588 the G3772 heaven.
  7 G2532 And G1325 [G5681] it was given G846 to him G4160 [G5658] to make G4171 war G3326 with G40 the holy ones, G2532 and G3528 [G5658] to overcome G846 them: G2532 and G1849 authority G1325 [G5681] was given G846 him G1909 over G3956 all G5443 kindreds, G2532 and G1100 tongues, G2532 and G1484 nations.
  8 G2532 And G3956 all G2730 [G5723] that dwell G1909 upon G1093 the earth G4352 [G5692] shall worship G846 him, G3739 whose G3686 names G1125 0 are G3756 not G1125 [G5769] written G1722 in G976 the book G2222 of life G721 of the Lamb G4969 [G5772] slain G575 from G2602 the casting down G2889 of the world.
  9 G1536 If any man G2192 [G5719] hath G3775 an ear, G191 [G5657] let him hear.
  10 G1536 He that G4863 [G5719] leadeth G161 into captivity G5217 [G5719] shall go G1519 into G161 captivity: G1536 he that G615 [G5719] killeth G1722 with G3162 the sword G1163 [G5748] must G615 [G5683] be killed G1722 with G3162 the sword. G5602 Here G2076 [G5748] is G5281 the patience G2532 and G4102 the faith G40 of the holy ones.
  11 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I beheld G243 another G2342 beast G305 [G5723] coming up G1537 out of G1093 the earth; G2532 and G2192 [G5707] he had G1417 two G2768 horns G3664 like G721 a lamb, G2532 and G2980 [G5707] he spoke G5613 as G1404 a dragon.
  12 G2532 And G4160 [G5719] he exerciseth G3956 all G1849 the authority G4413 of the first G2342 beast G1799 before G846 him, G2532 and G4160 [G5719] causeth G1093 the earth G2532 and G2730 [G5723] them who dwell G1722 in G846 it G2443 to G4352 [G5661] worship G4413 the first G2342 beast, G3739 G846 whose G2288 deadly G4127 wound G2323 [G5681] was healed.
  13 G2532 And G4160 [G5719] he doeth G3173 great G4592 signs, G2532 so G2443 that G4160 [G5725] he maketh G4442 fire G2597 [G5721] come down G1537 from G3772 heaven G1519 on G1093 the earth G1799 in the sight G444 of men,
  14 G2532 And G4105 [G5719] leadeth astray G2730 [G5723] them that dwell G1909 on G1093 the earth G1223 by G4592 the means of those signs G3739 which G846 he G1325 [G5681] was given G4160 [G5658] to do G1799 in the sight G2342 of the beast; G3004 [G5723] saying G2730 [G5723] to them that dwell G1909 on G1093 the earth, G4160 [G5658] that they should make G1504 an image G2342 to the beast, G3739 which G2192 [G5719] had G4127 the wound G3162 by a sword, G2532 and G2198 [G5656] lived.
  15 G2532 And G846 he G1325 [G5681] was given G1325 [G5629] to give G4151 spirit G1504 to the image G2342 of the beast, G2443 that G1504 the image G2342 of the beast G2980 0 should G2532 both G2980 [G5661] speak, G2532 and G4160 [G5661] cause G3745 that as many as G302 G4352 0 would G3361 not G4352 [G5661] worship G1504 the image G2342 of the beast G2443 G615 [G5686] should be killed.
  16 G2532 And G4160 [G5719] he causeth G3956 all, G3398 both small G2532 and G3173 great, G2532 and G4145 rich G2532 and G4434 poor, G2532 and G1658 free G2532 and G1401 slave, G2443 G846 to G1325 [G5661] receive G5480 a mark G1909 in G846 their G1188 G5495 right hand, G2228 or G1909 in G846 their G3359 foreheads:
  17 G2532 And G3363 that no G5100 man G1410 [G5741] might G59 [G5658] buy G2228 or G4453 [G5658] sell, G1508 except him G2192 [G5723] that had G5480 the mark, G2228 or G3686 the name G2342 of the beast, G2228 or G706 the number G846 of his G3686 name.
  18 G5602 Here G2076 [G5748] is G4678 wisdom. G2192 [G5723] Let him that hath G3563 understanding G5585 [G5657] count G706 the number G2342 of the beast: G1063 for G2076 [G5748] it is G706 the number G444 of a man; G2532 and G846 his G706 number G5516 is Six hundred and sixty and six.

Jude 1:4

  4 G1063 For G5100 certain G444 men G3921 [G5656] have crept in unawares, G3588 those G3819 of old G4270 [G5772] having been written about beforehand G1519 to G5124 this G2917 judgment, G765 irreverent men, G3346 [G5723] transposing G3588 the G5485 grace G2257 of our G2316 God G1519 into G766 lasciviousness, G2532 and G720 [G5740] denying G3441 the only G1203 Master G2316 God, G2532 and G2257 our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed.

Isaiah 8:12-13

  12 H559 [H8799] Say H7195 ye not, A confederacy, H5971 to all them to whom this people H559 [H8799] shall say, H7195 A confederacy; H3372 [H8799] neither fear H4172 ye their fear, H6206 [H8686] nor be afraid.
  13 H6942 [H8686] Sanctify H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H4172 himself; and let him be your fear, H6206 [H8688] and let him be your dread.

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