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1 Chronicles 2:1-55

  1 H1121 These are the sons H3478 of Israel; H7205 Reuben, H8095 Simeon, H3878 Levi, H3063 and Judah, H3485 Issachar, H2074 and Zebulun,
  2 H1835 Dan, H3130 Joseph, H1144 and Benjamin, H5321 Naphtali, H1410 Gad, H836 and Asher.
  3 H1121 The sons H3063 of Judah; H6147 Er, H209 and Onan, H7956 and Shelah: H7969 these three H3205 [H8738] were born H1323 to him of the daughter H7774 H1340 [H8677] of Shua H3669 the Canaanitess. H6147 And Er, H1060 the firstborn H3063 of Judah, H7451 was evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD; H4191 [H8686] and he slew him.
  4 H8559 And Tamar H3618 his daughter in law H3205 [H8804] bore H6557 him Pharez H2226 and Zerah. H1121 All the sons H3063 of Judah H2568 were five.
  5 H1121 The sons H6557 of Pharez; H2696 Hezron, H2538 and Hamul.
  6 H1121 And the sons H2226 of Zerah; H2174 Zimri, H387 and Ethan, H1968 and Heman, H3633 and Calcol, H1873 and Dara: H2568 five of them in all.
  7 H1121 And the sons H3756 of Carmi; H5917 Achar, H5916 [H8802] the troubler H3478 of Israel, H4603 [H8804] who transgressed H2764 in the secluded thing.
  8 H1121 And the sons H387 of Ethan; H5838 Azariah.
  9 H1121 The sons H2696 also of Hezron, H3205 [H8738] that were born H3396 to him; Jerahmeel, H7410 and Ram, H3621 and Chelubai.
  10 H7410 And Ram H3205 [H8689] begat H5992 Amminadab; H5992 and Amminadab H3205 [H8689] begat H5177 Nahshon, H5387 prince H1121 of the sons H3063 of Judah;
  11 H5177 And Nahshon H3205 [H8689] begat H8007 Salma, H8007 and Salma H3205 [H8689] begat H1162 Boaz,
  12 H1162 And Boaz H3205 [H8689] begat H5744 Obed, H5744 and Obed H3205 [H8689] begat H3448 Jesse,
  13 H3448 And Jesse H3205 [H8689] begat H1060 his firstborn H446 Eliab, H41 and Abinadab H8145 the second, H8092 and Shimma H7992 the third,
  14 H5417 Nethaneel H7243 the fourth, H7288 Raddai H2549 the fifth,
  15 H684 Ozem H8345 the sixth, H1732 David H7637 the seventh:
  16 H269 Whose sisters H6870 were Zeruiah, H26 and Abigail. H1121 And the sons H6870 of Zeruiah; H52 Abishai, H3097 and Joab, H6214 and Asahel, H7969 three.
  17 H26 And Abigail H3205 [H8804] bore H6021 Amasa: H1 and the father H6021 of Amasa H3500 was Jether H3459 the Ishmaelite.
  18 H3612 And Caleb H1121 the son H2696 of Hezron H3205 [H8689] begat H854 children of H5806 Azubah H802 his wife, H3408 and of Jerioth: H1121 her sons H3475 are these; Jesher, H7727 and Shobab, H715 and Ardon.
  19 H5806 And when Azubah H4191 [H8799] was dead, H3612 Caleb H3947 [H8799] took H672 to him Ephrath, H3205 [H8799] who bore H2354 to him Hur.
  20 H2354 And Hur H3205 [H8689] begat H221 Uri, H221 and Uri H3205 [H8689] begat H1212 Bezaleel.
  21 H310 And afterward H2696 Hezron H935 [H8804] went in H1323 to the daughter H4353 of Machir H1 the father H1568 of Gilead, H3947 [H8804] whom he married H8346 when he was sixty H8141 years H1121 old; H3205 [H8799] and she bore H7687 him Segub.
  22 H7687 And Segub H3205 [H8689] begat H2971 Jair, H7969 who had three H6242 and twenty H5892 cities H776 in the land H1568 of Gilead.
  23 H3947 [H8799] And he took H1650 Geshur, H758 and Aram, H2333 with the towns H2971 of Jair, H7079 from them, with Kenath, H1323 and its towns, H8346 even sixty H5892 cities. H1121 All these belonged to the sons H4353 of Machir H1 the father H1568 of Gilead.
  24 H310 And after H2696 that Hezron H4194 was dead H3613 in Calebephratah, H29 then Abiah H2696 Hezron's H802 wife H3205 [H8799] bore H806 him Ashur H1 the father H8620 of Tekoa.
  25 H1121 And the sons H3396 of Jerahmeel H1060 the firstborn H2696 of Hezron H7410 were, Ram H1060 the firstborn, H946 and Bunah, H767 and Oren, H684 and Ozem, H281 and Ahijah.
  26 H3396 Jerahmeel H312 had also another H802 wife, H8034 whose name H5851 was Atarah; H517 she was the mother H208 of Onam.
  27 H1121 And the sons H7410 of Ram H1060 the firstborn H3396 of Jerahmeel H4619 were, Maaz, H3226 and Jamin, H6134 and Eker.
  28 H1121 And the sons H208 of Onam H8060 were, Shammai, H3047 and Jada. H1121 And the sons H8060 of Shammai; H5070 Nadab, H51 and Abishur.
  29 H8034 And the name H802 of the wife H51 of Abishur H32 was Abihail, H3205 [H8799] and she bore H257 him Ahban, H4140 and Molid.
  30 H1121 And the sons H5070 of Nadab; H5540 Seled, H649 and Appaim: H5540 but Seled H4191 [H8799] died H1121 without sons.
  31 H1121 And the sons H649 of Appaim; H3469 Ishi. H1121 And the sons H3469 of Ishi; H8348 Sheshan. H1121 And the sons H8348 of Sheshan; H304 Ahlai.
  32 H1121 And the sons H3047 of Jada H251 the brother H8060 of Shammai; H3500 Jether, H3129 and Jonathan: H3500 and Jether H4191 [H8799] died H1121 without sons.
  33 H1121 And the sons H3129 of Jonathan; H6431 Peleth, H2117 and Zaza. H1121 These were the sons H3396 of Jerahmeel.
  34 H8348 Now Sheshan H1121 had no sons, H1323 but daughters. H8348 And Sheshan H5650 had a servant, H4713 an Egyptian, H8034 whose name H3398 was Jarha.
  35 H8348 And Sheshan H5414 [H8799] gave H1323 his daughter H3398 to Jarha H5650 his servant H802 for a wife; H3205 [H8799] and she bore H6262 him Attai.
  36 H6262 And Attai H3205 [H8689] begat H5416 Nathan, H5416 and Nathan H3205 [H8689] begat H2066 Zabad,
  37 H2066 And Zabad H3205 [H8689] begat H654 Ephlal, H654 and Ephlal H3205 [H8689] begat H5744 Obed,
  38 H5744 And Obed H3205 [H8689] begat H3058 Jehu, H3058 and Jehu H3205 [H8689] begat H5838 Azariah,
  39 H5838 And Azariah H3205 [H8689] begat H2503 Helez, H2503 and Helez H3205 [H8689] begat H501 Eleasah,
  40 H501 And Eleasah H3205 [H8689] begat H5581 Sisamai, H5581 and Sisamai H3205 [H8689] begat H7967 Shallum,
  41 H7967 And Shallum H3205 [H8689] begat H3359 Jekamiah, H3359 and Jekamiah H3205 [H8689] begat H476 Elishama.
  42 H1121 Now the sons H3612 of Caleb H251 the brother H3396 of Jerahmeel H4337 were, Mesha H1060 his firstborn, H1 who was the father H2128 of Ziph; H1121 and the sons H4762 of Mareshah H1 the father H2275 of Hebron.
  43 H1121 And the sons H2275 of Hebron; H7141 Korah, H8599 and Tappuah, H7552 and Rekem, H8087 and Shema.
  44 H8087 And Shema H3205 [H8689] begat H7357 Raham, H1 the father H3421 of Jorkoam: H7552 and Rekem H3205 [H8689] begat H8060 Shammai.
  45 H1121 And the son H8060 of Shammai H4584 was Maon: H4584 and Maon H1 was the father H1049 of Bethzur.
  46 H5891 And Ephah, H3612 Caleb's H6370 concubine, H3205 [H8804] bore H2771 Haran, H4162 and Moza, H1495 and Gazez: H2771 and Haran H3205 [H8689] begat H1495 Gazez.
  47 H1121 And the sons H3056 of Jahdai; H7276 Regem, H3147 and Jotham, H1529 and Geshan, H6404 and Pelet, H5891 and Ephah, H8174 and Shaaph.
  48 H4601 Maachah, H3612 Caleb's H6370 concubine, H3205 [H8804] bore H7669 Sheber, H8647 and Tirhanah.
  49 H3205 [H8799] She bore H8174 also Shaaph H1 the father H4089 of Madmannah, H7724 Sheva H1 the father H4343 of Machbenah, H1 and the father H1388 of Gibea: H1323 and the daughter H3612 of Caleb H5915 was Achsah.
  50 H1121 These were the sons H3612 of Caleb H1121 the son H2354 of Hur, H1060 the firstborn H672 of Ephratah; H7732 Shobal H1 the father H7157 of Kirjathjearim,
  51 H8007 Salma H1 the father H1035 of Bethlehem, H2780 Hareph H1 the father H1013 of Bethgader.
  52 H7732 And Shobal H1 the father H7157 of Kirjathjearim H1121 had sons; H7204 Haroeh, H2677 and half H2679 of the Manahethites.
  53 H4940 And the families H7157 of Kirjathjearim; H3505 the Ithrites, H6336 and the Puhites, H8126 and the Shumathites, H4954 and the Mishraites; H3318 [H8804] of them came H6882 the Zareathites, H848 and the Eshtaulites.
  54 H1121 The sons H8007 of Salma; H1035 Bethlehem, H5200 and the Netophathites, H5852 Ataroth, H5854 the house of Joab, H2677 and half H2680 of the Manahethites, H6882 the Zorites.
  55 H4940 And the families H5608 [H8802] of the scribes H3427 H3427 [H8802] who dwelt H3258 at Jabez; H8654 the Tirathites, H8101 the Shimeathites, H7756 and Suchathites. H1992 These H7017 are the Kenites H935 [H8802] that came H2574 of Hemath, H1 the father H1004 of the house H7394 of Rechab.

2 Samuel 13:1-39

  1 H310 And it came to pass after H53 this, that Absalom H1121 the son H1732 of David H3303 had a fair H269 sister, H8034 whose name H8559 was Tamar; H550 and Amnon H1121 the son H1732 of David H157 [H8799] loved her.
  2 H550 And Amnon H3334 [H8799] was so distressed, H2470 [H8692] that he fell sick H269 for his sister H8559 Tamar; H1330 for she was a virgin; H550 and Amnon H5869 thought H6381 [H8735] it hard H6213 [H8800] for him to do H3972 any thing to her.
  3 H550 But Amnon H7453 had a friend, H8034 whose name H3122 was Jonadab, H1121 the son H8093 of Shimeah H1732 David's H251 brother: H3122 and Jonadab H3966 was a very H2450 subtil H376 man.
  4 H559 [H8799] And he said H4428 to him, Why art thou, being the king's H1121 son, H1800 pining H1242 from day H1242 to day? H5046 [H8686] wilt thou not tell H550 me? And Amnon H559 [H8799] said H157 [H8802] to him, I love H8559 Tamar, H251 my brother H53 Absalom's H269 sister.
  5 H3082 And Jonadab H559 [H8799] said H7901 [H8798] to him, Lay thee down H4904 on thy bed, H2470 [H8690] and pretend that thou art sick: H1 and when thy father H935 [H8804] cometh H7200 [H8800] to see H559 [H8804] thee, say H269 to him, I pray thee, let my sister H8559 Tamar H935 [H8799] come, H1262 [H8686] and give H3899 me food, H6213 [H8804] and prepare H1279 the food H5869 in my eyes, H7200 [H8799] that I may see H398 [H8804] it, and eat H3027 it at her hand.
  6 H550 So Amnon H7901 [H8799] lay down, H2470 [H8691] and pretended that he was sick: H4428 and when the king H935 [H8799] came H7200 [H8800] to see H550 him, Amnon H559 [H8799] said H4428 to the king, H8559 I pray thee, let Tamar H269 my sister H935 [H8799] come, H3823 [H8762] and make H8147 for me a couple H3834 of cakes H5869 in my eyes, H1262 [H8799] that I may eat H3027 at her hand.
  7 H1732 Then David H7971 [H8799] sent H1004 home H8559 to Tamar, H559 [H8800] saying, H3212 [H8798] Go H251 now to thy brother H550 Amnon's H1004 house, H6213 [H8798] and prepare H1279 a meal for him.
  8 H8559 So Tamar H3212 [H8799] went H251 to her brother H550 Amnon's H1004 house; H7901 [H8802] and he was laid down. H3947 [H8799] And she took H1217 flour, H3888 [H8799] and kneaded H3823 [H8762] it, and made cakes H5869 in his eyes, H1310 [H8762] and baked H3834 the cakes.
  9 H3947 [H8799] And she took H4958 a pan, H3332 [H8799] and poured them out H6440 at the face of H3985 [H8762] him; but he refused H398 [H8800] to eat. H550 And Amnon H559 [H8799] said, H3318 [H8685] Send out H376 all men H3318 [H8799] from me. And they went out H376 every man from him.
  10 H550 And Amnon H559 [H8799] said H8559 to Tamar, H935 [H8685] Bring H1279 the food H2315 into the chamber, H1262 [H8799] that I may eat H3027 from thine hand. H8559 And Tamar H3947 [H8799] took H3834 the cakes H6213 [H8804] which she had made, H935 [H8686] and brought H2315 them into the chamber H550 to Amnon H251 her brother.
  11 H5066 [H8686] And when she had brought H398 [H8800] them to him to eat, H2388 [H8686] he took hold H559 [H8799] of her, and said H935 [H8798] to her, Come H7901 [H8798] lie H269 with me, my sister.
  12 H559 [H8799] And she answered H251 him, Nay, my brother, H6031 [H8762] do not force H3651 me; for no such thing ought H6213 [H8735] to be done H3478 in Israel: H6213 [H8799] do H5039 not thou this folly.
  13 H2781 And I, where shall I cause my shame H3212 [H8686] to go? H259 and as for thee, thou shalt be as one H5036 of the fools H3478 in Israel. H1696 [H8761] Now therefore, I pray thee, speak H4428 to the king; H4513 [H8799] for he will not withhold me from thee.
  14 H14 [H8804] However he would H8085 [H8800] not hearken H6963 to her voice: H2388 [H8799] but, being stronger H6031 [H8762] than she, forced H7901 [H8799] her, and lay with her.
  15 H550 Then Amnon H8130 [H8799] hated H3966 H1419 her exceedingly; H8135 so that the hatred H8130 [H8804] with which he hated H1419 her was greater H160 than the love H157 [H8804] with which he had loved H550 her. And Amnon H559 [H8799] said H6965 [H8798] to her, Arise, H3212 [H8798] be gone.
  16 H559 [H8799] And she said H182 to him, There is no cause: H7451 this evil H7971 [H8763] in sending me away H1419 is greater H312 than the other H6213 [H8804] that thou didst H14 [H8804] to me. But he would H8085 [H8800] not hearken to her.
  17 H7121 [H8799] Then he called H5288 his servant H8334 [H8764] that ministered H559 [H8799] to him, and said, H7971 [H8798] Put H2351 now this woman out H5274 [H8798] from me, and bolt H1817 the door H310 after her.
  18 H3801 And she had a garment H6446 of many colours H4598 upon her: for with such robes H4428 were the king's H1323 daughters H1330 that were virgins H3847 [H8799] apparelled. H8334 [H8764] Then his servant H3318 [H8686] brought H2351 her out, H5274 [H8804] and bolted H1817 the door H310 after her.
  19 H8559 And Tamar H3947 [H8799] put H665 ashes H7218 on her head, H7167 [H8804] and tore H3801 her garment H6446 of many colours H7760 [H8799] that was on her, and laid H3027 her hand H7218 on her head, H3212 [H8799] and went H1980 [H8800] on H2199 [H8804] crying.
  20 H53 And Absalom H251 her brother H559 [H8799] said H550 to her, Hath Amnon H251 thy brother H2790 [H8685] been with thee? but hold now thy peace, H269 my sister: H251 he is thy brother; H7896 H3820 [H8799] regard H1697 not this thing. H8559 So Tamar H3427 [H8799] remained H8074 [H8802] desolate H251 in her brother H53 Absalom's H1004 house.
  21 H4428 But when king H1732 David H8085 [H8804] heard H1697 of all these things, H3966 he was very H2734 [H8799] angry.
  22 H53 And Absalom H1696 [H8765] spoke H550 to his brother Amnon H2896 neither good H7451 nor bad: H53 for Absalom H8130 [H8804] hated H550 Amnon, H1697 because H6031 [H8765] he had forced H269 his sister H8559 Tamar.
  23 H3117 And it came to pass after two full H8141 years, H53 that Absalom H1494 [H8802] had sheepshearers H1178 in Baalhazor, H669 which is beside Ephraim: H53 and Absalom H7121 [H8799] invited H4428 all the king's H1121 sons.
  24 H53 And Absalom H935 [H8799] came H4428 to the king, H559 [H8799] and said, H5650 Behold now, thy servant H1494 [H8802] hath sheepshearers; H3212 0 let H4428 the king, H5650 I beseech thee, and his servants H3212 [H8799] go H5650 with thy servant.
  25 H4428 And the king H559 [H8799] said H53 to Absalom, H1121 Nay, my son, H3212 [H8799] let us not all now go, H3513 [H8799] lest we be burdensome H6555 [H8799] to thee. And he pressed H14 [H8804] him: yet he would H3212 [H8800] not go, H1288 [H8762] but blessed him.
  26 H559 [H8799] Then said H53 Absalom, H251 If not, I pray thee, let my brother H550 Amnon H3212 [H8799] go H4428 with us. And the king H559 [H8799] said H3212 [H8799] to him, Why should he go with thee?
  27 H53 But Absalom H6555 [H8799] pressed H550 him, that he should let Amnon H4428 and all the king's H1121 sons H7971 [H8799] go with him.
  28 H53 Now Absalom H6680 [H8762] had commanded H5288 his servants, H559 [H8800] saying, H7200 [H8798] Mark H550 ye now when Amnon's H3820 heart H2896 is merry H3196 with wine, H559 [H8804] and when I say H5221 [H8685] to you, Smite H550 Amnon; H4191 [H8689] then kill H3372 [H8799] him, fear H6680 [H8765] not: have I not commanded H2388 [H8798] you? be courageous, H1121 H2428 and be valiant.
  29 H5288 And the servants H53 of Absalom H6213 [H8799] did H550 to Amnon H53 as Absalom H6680 [H8765] had commanded. H4428 Then all the king's H1121 sons H6965 [H8799] arose, H376 and every man H7392 [H8799] rode H6505 upon his mule, H5127 [H8799] and fled.
  30 H1870 And it came to pass, while they were in the way, H8052 that the report H935 [H8804] came H1732 to David, H559 [H8800] saying, H53 Absalom H5221 [H8689] hath slain H4428 all the king's H1121 sons, H259 and there is not one H3498 [H8738] of them left.
  31 H4428 Then the king H6965 [H8799] arose, H7167 [H8799] and tore H899 his garments, H7901 [H8799] and lay H776 on the earth; H5650 and all his servants H5324 [H8737] stood H899 by with their clothes H7167 [H8803] torn.
  32 H3122 And Jonadab, H1121 the son H8093 of Shimeah H1732 David's H251 brother, H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said, H113 Let not my lord H559 [H8799] suppose H4191 [H8689] that they have slain H5288 all the young men H4428 the king's H1121 sons; H550 for Amnon H4191 [H8804] only is dead: H6310 for by the appointment H53 of Absalom H7760 [H8803] this hath been determined H3117 from the day H6031 [H8763] that he forced H269 his sister H8559 Tamar.
  33 H113 Now therefore let not my lord H4428 the king H7760 [H8799] take H1697 the thing H3820 to his heart, H559 [H8800] to think H4428 that all the king's H1121 sons H4191 [H8804] are dead: H550 for Amnon H4191 [H8804] only is dead.
  34 H53 But Absalom H1272 [H8799] fled. H5288 And the young man H6822 [H8802] that kept the watch H5375 [H8799] lifted up H5869 his eyes, H7200 [H8799] and looked, H1980 [H8802] and, behold, there came H7227 many H5971 people H1870 by the way H2022 of the mountain H6654 side H310 behind him.
  35 H3122 And Jonadab H559 [H8799] said H4428 to the king, H4428 Behold, the king's H1121 sons H935 [H8804] come: H5650 as thy servant H1697 said, so it is.
  36 H3615 [H8763] And it came to pass, as soon as he had finished H1696 [H8763] speaking, H4428 that, behold, the king's H1121 sons H935 [H8804] came, H5375 [H8799] and lifted up H6963 their voice H1058 [H8799] and wept: H4428 and the king H5650 also and all his servants H1058 [H8804] wept H3966 H1065 H1419 exceedingly.
  37 H53 But Absalom H1272 [H8804] fled, H3212 [H8799] and went H8526 to Talmai, H1121 the son H5991 H5989 [H8675] of Ammihud, H4428 king H1650 of Geshur. H56 [H8691] And David mourned H1121 for his son H3117 every day.
  38 H53 So Absalom H1272 [H8804] fled, H3212 [H8799] and went H1650 to Geshur, H7969 and was there three H8141 years.
  39 H4428 And king H1732 David H3615 [H8762] longed H3318 [H8800] to go forth H53 to Absalom: H5162 [H8738] for he was comforted H550 concerning Amnon, H4191 [H8804] seeing he was dead.

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