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1 Corinthians 12:4-11

  4 G1161 Now G1526 [G5748] there are G1243 varieties G5486 of gifts of favour, G1161 but G846 the same G4151 Spirit.
  5 G2532 And G1526 [G5748] there are G1243 divisions G1248 of services, G2532 and G846 the same G2962 Lord.
  6 G2532 And G1526 [G5748] there are G1243 varieties G1755 of operations, G1161 but G2076 [G5748] it is G846 the same G2316 God G3588 who G1754 [G5723] worketh G3956 all G1722 in G3956 all.
  7 G1161 But G5321 the manifestation G4151 of the Spirit G1325 [G5743] is given G1538 to every man G4314 for G4851 [G5723] profit of all.
  8 G1063 For G3739 G3303 to one G1325 [G5743] is given G1223 by G4151 the Spirit G3056 the word G4678 of wisdom; G1161   G243 to another G3056 the word G1108 of knowledge G2596 by G846 the same G4151 Spirit;
  9 G1161   G2087 To another G4102 faith G1722 by G846 the same G4151 Spirit; G1161   G243 to another G5486 the gifts of favour G2386 of healing G1722 by G846 the same G4151 Spirit;
  10 G1161   G243 To another G1755 the working G1411 of powerful works; G1161   G243 to another G4394 prophecy; G1161   G243 to another G1253 discerning G4151 of spirits; G1161   G2087 to another G1085 various kinds G1100 of tongues; G1161   G243 to another G2058 the interpretation G1100 of tongues:
  11 G1161 But G3956 all G5023 these G1754 [G5719] worketh G1520 that one G2532 and G846 the very same G4151 Spirit, G1244 [G5723] dividing G1538 to every man G2398 individually G2531 as G1014 [G5736] he will.

Ephesians 4:12

  12 G4314 Toward G3588 the G2677 complete furnishing G40 of the holy ones, G1519 into G2041 the work G1248 of service, G1519 into G3619 the edification G3588 of the G4983 body G5547 of Anointed:

2 Timothy 2:15

  15 G4704 [G5657] Hurry G3936 [G5658] to show G4572 thyself G1384 approved G2316 to God, G2040 a workman G422 that needeth not to be ashamed, G3718 [G5723] rightly dividing G3056 the word G225 of truth.

1 Timothy 4:14

  14 G272 [G5720] Neglect G3361 not G5486 the gift of favour G1722 that is in G4671 thee, G3739 which G1325 [G5681] was given G4671 thee G1223 by G4394 prophecy, G3326 with G1936 the laying on G5495 of the hands G4244 of the presbytery.

Hebrews 13:17

  17 G3982 [G5732] Be persuaded by G3588 the ones G2233 [G5740] going before G5216 you, G2532 and G5226 [G5720] yield: G1063 for G846 they G69 [G5719] are sleepless G5228 over G5216 your G5590 breaths, G5613 as G591 [G5694] they that must be giving G3056 account, G2443 that G4160 [G5725] they may do G5124 it G3326 with G5479 joy, G2532 and G3361 not G4727 [G5723] with groaning: G1063 for G5124 that G255 is unprofitable G5213 for you.

1 Peter 5:2

  2 G4165 [G5657] Feed G4168 the flock G2316 of God G1722 which is among G5213 you, G1983 [G5723] taking the oversight G3361 of it, not G317 by constraint, G235 but G1596 willingly; G3366 not G147 for dishonest gain, G235 but G4290 from a ready mind;

Psalms 100:2

  2 H5647 [H8798] Serve H3068 the LORD H8057 with gladness: H935 [H8798] come H6440 before his face H7445 with singing.

Acts 20:28

  28 G4337 [G5720] Take heed G3767 therefore G1438 to yourselves, G2532 and G3956 to all G4168 the flock, G1722 over G3739 which G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G5087 [G5639] hath made G5209 you G1985 overseers, G4165 [G5721] to feed G3588 the G1577 congregation G2316 of God, G3739 which G4046 [G5668] he hath purchased G1223 with G2398 his own G129 blood.

Ephesians 4:11-16

  11 G2532 And G846 he G1325 [G5656] gave G3303 some, G652 apostles; G1161 and G4396 some, prophets; G1161 and G2099 some, announcers of good news; G1161 and G4166 some, shepherds G2532 and G1320 teachers;
  12 G4314 Toward G3588 the G2677 complete furnishing G40 of the holy ones, G1519 into G2041 the work G1248 of service, G1519 into G3619 the edification G3588 of the G4983 body G5547 of Anointed:
  13 G3360 Till G3956 we all G2658 [G5661] come G1519 into G1775 the unity G4102 of the faith, G2532 and G1922 of the knowledge G5207 of the Son G2316 of God, G1519 into G5046 a perfect G435 man, G1519 into G3358 the measure G2244 of the stature G4138 of the fulness G5547 of Anointed:
  14 G2443 That G5600 [G5753] we henceforth be G3371 no more G3516 infants, G2831 [G5740] tossed to and fro, G2532 and G4064 [G5746] carried about with G3956 every G417 wind G1319 of teaching, G1722 by G2940 the sleight G444 of men, G1722 G3834 and cunning craftiness, G4314 by which G3180 they lie in wait G4106 to delude;
  15 G1161 But G226 [G5723] speaking the truth G1722 in G26 love, G837 [G5661] may grow up G1519 into G846 him G3956 in all things, G3739 who G2076 [G5748] is G2776 the head, G5547 even Anointed:
  16 G1537 From G3739 whom G3956 the whole G4983 body G4883 [G5746] fitly joined together G2532 and G4822 [G5746] compacted G1223 by G3956 that which every G860 joint G2024 supplieth, G2596 according G1753 to the effectual working G1722 in G3358 the measure G1538 of every G1520 G3313 part, G4160 [G5731] maketh G838 increase G4983 of the body G1519 to G3619 the edifying G1438 of itself G1722 in G26 love.

Galatians 6:10

  10 G5613 As G2192 [G5719] we have G686 G3767 therefore G2540 season, G2038 [G5741] let us do G18 good G4314 to G3956 all G1161 G3122 men, especially G4314 to G3609 them who are of the household G4102 of faith.

Colossians 3:23-24

  23 G2532 And G3956 all, G3748 whatever G1437 ye G4160 [G5725] do, G2038 [G5737] work G1537 from out of G5590 the breath, G5613 as G2962 to the Lord, G2532 and G3756 not G444 to men;
  24 G1492 [G5761] Knowing G3754 that G575 from G2962 the Lord G618 [G5695] ye shall receive G469 the reward G2817 of the inheritance: G1063 for G1398 [G5719] ye are a slave G3588 to the G2962 Lord G5547 Anointed.

1 Peter 4:10-11

  10 G2531 As G1538 every man G2983 [G5627] hath received G5486 the gift of favour, G1247 [G5723] serving G846 the same G1519 G1438 one to another, G5613 as G2570 good G3623 stewards G4164 of the manifold G5485 grace G2316 of God.
  11 G1536 If any man G2980 [G5719] speaketh, G5613 let him speak as G3051 oracles G2316 of God; G1536 if any man G1247 [G5719] serveth, G5613 let him do it as G1537 from out of G2479 strength G3739 which G2316 God G5524 [G5719] giveth: G2443 that G2316 God G1722 in G3956 all things G1392 [G5747] may be glorified G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed, G3739 to whom G2076 [G5748] be G1391 glory G2532 and G2904 might G1519 into G3588 the G165 ages G3588 of the G165 ages. G281 Amen.

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