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Leviticus 19:32

  32 H6965 [H8799] Thou shalt rise up H6440 at the face of H7872 the hoary head, H1921 [H8804] and honour H6440 the face H2205 of the old man, H3372 [H8804] and fear H430 thy God: H3068 I am the LORD.

Job 5:26

  26 H935 [H8799] Thou shalt come H6913 to thy burying-place H3624 in a full age, H1430 as a shock of grain H5927 [H8800] cometh in H6256 in its time.

Psalms 37:25

  25 H5288 I have been young, H2204 [H8804] and now am old; H7200 [H8804] yet I have not seen H6662 the righteous H5800 [H8737] forsaken, H2233 nor his seed H1245 [H8764] begging H3899 bread.

Psalms 90:10

  10 H3117 The days H8141 of our years H7657 are seventy H8141 years; H1369 and if by reason of strength H8084 they are eighty H8141 years, H7296 yet is their strength H5999 labour H205 and panting; H2440 for it is soon H1468 [H8804] cut off, H5774 [H8799] and we fly away.

Proverbs 20:29

  29 H8597 The glory H970 of young men H3581 is their strength: H1926 and the beauty H2205 of old men H7872 is the gray head.

Proverbs 17:6

  6 H1121 Son's H1121 sons H5850 are the crown H2205 of old men; H8597 and the glory H1121 of sons H1 is their fathers.

Isaiah 40:31

  31 H6960 [H8802] But they that wait H3068 upon the LORD H2498 [H8686] shall renew H3581 their strength; H5927 [H8799] they shall mount up H83 with wings H5404 as eagles; H7323 [H8799] they shall run, H3021 [H8799] and not be weary; H3212 [H8799] they shall walk, H3286 [H8799] and not faint.

2 Corinthians 4:16

  16 G1352 For which cause G1573 [G5719] we faint G3756 not; G235 but G1499 though G2257 our G1854 outward G444 man G1311 [G5743] is utterly corrupting, G235 yet G2081 the inward G341 [G5743] man is renewed G2250 day G2532 by G2250 day.

Titus 2:2

  2 G4246 That the aged men G1511 [G5750] be G3524 sober minded, G4586 serious, G4998 discreet, G5198 [G5723] being sound G3588 in the G4102 faith, G3588 in the G26 love, G3588 in the G5281 patience.

Psalms 71:18

  18 H5704 Now also when H2209 I am old H7872 and grayheaded, H430 O God, H5800 [H8799] forsake H5046 [H8686] me not; until I have shown H2220 thy strength H1755 to this generation, H1369 and thy power H935 [H8799] to every one that is to come.

Psalms 71:9

  9 H7993 [H8686] Cast me not off H6256 in the time H2209 of old age; H5800 [H8799] forsake H3581 me not when my strength H3615 [H8800] faileth.

Job 12:12

  12 H3453 With the ancient H2451 is wisdom; H753 and in length H3117 of days H8394 understanding.

Psalms 92:14

  14 H5107 [H8799] They shall still bring forth fruit H7872 in old age; H1879 they shall be fat H7488 and flourishing;

Proverbs 16:31

  31 H7872 The hoary head H5850 is a crown H8597 of glory, H4672 [H8735] if it is found H1870 in the way H6666 of righteousness.

Isaiah 46:4

  4 H2209 And even to your old age H7872 I am he; and even to gray hairs H5445 [H8799] will I carry H6213 [H8804] you: I have made, H5375 [H8799] and I will bear; H5445 [H8799] even I will carry, H4422 [H8762] and will deliver you.

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